Splitting Ground, Tower, and Approach Frequencies

This topic goes out to the pilots of the expert server and any IFATC that commonly control hubs, or just in general that may have an opinion on the following.

Hello to everyone reading this! Today, Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport was open and with the flash flight that Misha hosted, we, as IFATC, knew that it would bring in plenty of traffic.

With that in mind, we came to a consensus to split ground (west and east), tower (west and east), and approach (west and east).

It got myself, and others as well, thinking about how often we split these hubs’ frequencies, which is often little to none, excluding radar.

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With that said, my question is this to those of you that fly on the expert server :

Do you like and enjoy when there is multiple frequencies of ground, tower, and approach?

  • Yes, it gives a realistic feel to my experience.
  • Yes, I love the excitement of switching through multiple frequencies and controllers.
  • No, it wastes time when it can be done by one veteran controller.
  • No, I like the shortest and least complicated service possible.
  • No, the ATIS is too complicated and long to read and understand, therefore it can get very confusing.

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To those of you that are IFATC and control hubs and busier locations :

Do you find that controlling is easier and/or better when there is multiple frequencies of ground, tower, and approach?

  • Yes, it lightens my work load and creates an easier session for me.
  • Yes, I like collaborating and working with other controllers to provide good service to the expert server, and don’t mind splitting.
  • No, it creates too much of a hassle to communicate with other controllers.
  • No, I could do it myself, and it’s inefficient to split a frequency that may cause confusion to the pilots.

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This topic could potentially shape the way that we control and provide service to all of you that look for a seamless, good service on the expert server, so please take this seriously and answer with what you actually believe. I look forward to all of your responses!



True story, I once tried to control Gatwick alone during peak hours (as former IFATC) and without splitting the workload I probably would have died. Probably the most important thing I learned there.

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Splitting especially with @JarrettFlies is so fun because it feels so real with all the planning and it’s just fun and easy to do.


So this is my personal take on this situation. It was so awesome to see everyone at KDFW, I was one of the controllers and it was awesome. That being said, I think if this happens every time and every airport it gets to be too much in my opinion. However, it would be very nice for Hub of the day, FNF Hub airports, etc to do this more often when the traffic allows.

As an IFATC while it was awesome to communicate with everyone, we don’t always have the time to do so.

Splitting should happen more often, just not at any airport.


Agree with the above, and I’ll add an additional point. Splitting at a moderately busy airport, say with 50-60 inbounds, isn’t absolutely necessary, but definitely provides pilots with a better service. For example, it’s very easy to miss a give way command on Ground or an exit command on Tower.

Of course, all controllers need to be be on point with their communications and planning, but it makes everyone’s lives easier. Splitting should be more widely encouraged, in my opinion.

I find your take on it interesting, thanks for replying, Jarrett

I mainly agree with your take, but here’s my question for you :

So if it shouldn’t be done at any airport, so to say, what sets Dallas and the situation that happened today apart from your criteria of an airport that isn’t fit for splitting? This is a genuine question if it comes off a little harsh, but mainly everyday we see similar traffic, just at different points in the day, yet we don’t split frequencies every day. Would you mind elaborating on the criteria of an airport you believe should not be split?


Sure, I appreciate the thought-out and respectful response! Here is what I think: Any airport should not be able to split. Take KASE for example (I know you love that airport) it is impractical to split Tower/Ground (I am honestly not sure if thats possible.) To provide a better example. take some days when the only place that gets traffic is the hub. Excellent! That is a perfect spot to split traffic, lots of inbounds//outbounds its getting majority of the traffic. Now take a secondary airport with 0 Arrivals and you decide to split it, I think that creates a lot of wasted effort especially when secondary airports don’t get a lot of attention, especially when they have 0 inbounds.

I support your idea fully that busy airports should be split more often. I’ve been flying for a while and this is the first time ever that I have seen double GTAS at an airport. It was awesome. Now if we use that in an impractical sense, I don’t think it should be allowed.


I figured that was around the lines of what you meant, thanks again for bringing some perspective to the conversation!


Realism! That message got you thinking shane! 😉


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