Split Screen on Android (Samsung Tab S3) Does Seem to Work

This is cool!
Didn’t know this was possible.

This is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.
Don’t know about other devices though.
Try at your own risk. 😉


That’s so cool I like that

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Don’t do it on your phone though, it’s too small and things will go wrong. On a tablet on the other hand, should work fine because of the screen size.

multitasking ?.. Im apple…, that’s to complex for me

might try this

This is also for IOS with the newer IPads :)

I have a samsung j7 2017 and the multiscreen task works perfectly for me, but I do not use it.

Yeah, multitasking is spliting your screen

Doesnt work on Lenovo TAB4 8… Think I just lost my flight to Jakarta…

I’d change android to samsung tablets.

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When I get the Google pixel C tablet I’ll tell you if it works for me.

Works on all android devices with multi tasking I think

I can do it with a CHF200 phone

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