Split screen not working with IF

Recently I have been trying to have split screen on my phone one side IF and the other YouTube. However when I use IF it crashes my phone. Any help would be great.


It would be great if you could provide some further details to make it easier for us to help you.
What kind of device for example?


OK I work with a Sony experia x compact. With the latest update.

Thank you.

You say it crashes your phone, how do you mean?
The details surrounding issues like these are crucial for us to be able to help you.

My phone freezers for around a minute. Then when I got back onto IF it has a black screen for about a minute. @schyllberg

Have you tried anything yourself at this point? Reinstalling IF? Factory reset of your device?

Just found out that apps need to implement a specific support function for this to work properly in Android 7.0. I’ll check with the developers.

Hello again!
Unfortunately this function is not supported in Infinite Flight, and that’s why you are experiencing issues. Right now there is no plan to implement it.

Have a nice day!