Split Scimitar Winglet

On some aircraft like the 737-800 and 737-900. Also add a new livery for SWA 737-800! With Scimitar Winglet.


Nice request. But add a photo next time.

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Try making each of these a separate request, also make sure they aren’t duplicates.

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Just checked, there is no other similar request, but your right with the separated request.

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Let me just give a like…it would be awesome to have this

Yass please!


It’s not necessary to add a photo.

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Maybe add an option to fly with or without winglets?


Not bad idea, but it will require more work I guess…

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Yeah, and alot of coding for the devs to work on

No not really, it wouldn’t require a lot more coding. A little, but not A LOT. The biggest thing is the 3D modeling, but that either isn’t a really huge thing :)

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