Split over and Split View

Hello everyone!
I want to use IF and IF Checklist at the same time. I want to use Split View but I only can do Split Over and it annoys me.

Can someone help me.
I’m using the iPad 2017 9,7”

Split view cannot be used for Infinite Flight. The game requires the full screen resolution. This applies to many other applications as well.

I have the app but I simply use it on a second device. Using split over is helpful, but the connection to Infinite Flight is interrupted until you close out from the app in said view.

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Hello! 👋🏻

I assume you mean you can only do this:

Not this:

In IOS 11 they added the slide over view, and that is the only way you will be able to do it with an app like IF that can not be condensed. Some more powerful apps, and ones that require full screen. For example IF, or Real Racing, the like will only allow the slide over version…

Sorry about that… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Oh that’s a shame… but how can I run IF and the checklist at the same time?

Looking into a second device would probably be your best bet.

Well it is because IF requires the whole screen, so technically that is up to the devs to support that or no, but many apps like IF do not support it…

Apps like Safari, Google Drive, the like can easily be condensed and the developers support that…

This is the same reason you can’t drag IF onto another app from your dock…

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BTW Which third party apps do you use?

Pretty much just IF Assistant on occasion, I don’t have very much in terms of third party apps…

I also use IFA… I own every IAP except the Voice Commands… but I need a Remote Cockpit app for iOS

PM @KPIT and I’m sure he will be glad to further assist you via that PM.

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