Split Map in ATC

Hey, i was wondering if there is a possibility to have two maps when you have the tower only…what i mean is when you have patternwork, plus outgoing traffic, i find it hard to see who is first in line, cause i zoomed out to see the pattern and sequenze…something like a little square in the top right or left corner would be nice, where you can see a part of the ground(in this case the entrance of the runway) where you can easily hilight the planes for takeoff without zooming in and out all the time, cause on busy days, i cant remember who is first in the list to the right, especially if three people request takeoff at the same time…or just an split map from tower and ground would help enormous, ground left, tower right,for example…if this is a duplicate, dear mods please delete, but I searched and didnt found any with the keywords…keep up the good work👍


I agree with your idea, Controlling KLAX and being Tower is a challenge.


Its a bit late…months later lol, but i thought something like this: