Split and Bent ILS and GPS Cones

When I look at the map, I see that a lot of of approach cones to many airports are broken apart, and angled in a weird way. Some examples are at KSFM, 09ME, ME64, NH15, KLCI, 12NH, NH20, 2N2, 94NH, 01NH, KLEB, VT24, 4B6, 4B7, KGTB, NY70, NY91, NY69, CYGK, CPU6, CPS2, NF4, CYEE, CNY3, CYOS, CYVV, LTFM, LTBX, LTAE, LTAC, LTAB, the list goes on and on. Is there a way to fix these? Are these known?

It’s been reported in various topics, most LTFM.

Our Earth is a cube, and those approaches are just at one of the edges of the cube.

Not an easy fix, but it’s something we will take a stab at eventually.


Thank you! This can be closed now.