Spitfire Tutorial - Crosswind Takeoff and Landing

The long awaited and highly requested Spitfire tutorial is finally available!!

In this video, I wanted to have different views to help show how even a slight crosswind can blow the Spitfire from side to side on the runway so you could see how much rudder and how soon you have to start using it. The key to a crosswind takeoff and landing is rudder control. In stronger winds, rudder control and ailerons are crucial. This will take time to learn. I have the weight set to NORMAL when I fly the Spitfire most of the time and when its really gusty, I’ll set the weight to HEAVY.

I hope this helps everyone trying to learn to fly the Spitfire. It will be frustrating at first but in the long run, you will find that it can be a lot of fun! As always, post any questions or comments below and I look forward to seeing more Spitfires in the Infinite Flight skies!!

More tutorials to come! Please subscribe to The Official Infinite Flight Academy channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKcDf_2LATh50Qbpa-n31pw

Happy and Safe Landings!!

-Skyhawk Heavy


Thanks Thanks , at last. Thanks Mark!

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I cant wait to see you flying the Spitfire, Dush.

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Thanks a lot,very helpful!!

Sweet. Love the challenge of this aircraft in the wind. Hope to see more Spits out there!


@MishaCamp All this pinning and unpinning is making me dizzy!

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Un-pin global -> pin cat

(P.s @Mark_Denton, genuinely awesome tutorial. Kudos)