Spitfire takeoff and landings

Hello, i have been trying to practice take off and landings with the spitfire but am having the hardest time landing and taking off. Any small amount of crosswind will yaw the aircraft and dip the wings and i cant figure out how to compensate with it even with rudder and aileron. please help!

Do you know how to preform a crosswind landing?

@Skyler.Cooper This one is for you

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I think it’s like the x cub where you have to use a lot of rudder to control it during takeoff and landing

yeah, i thought that was my problem but i can fly the X-Cub just fine

i do, but when it land it feels like the forces get stronger and once the wing dips i cant recover. i thought maybe it was a tail wheel problem but i am able to do everything fine in the xcub. its just the Spitfire i have problems with

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Hmmm. I’m not sure then. Maybe try adding more weight to the aircraft?

i will definitely try, it feels like a bare bones aircraft that i want to master but its hard enough for me to get into the air correctly.

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I wonder if it might just be about the spitfire being a very old a/c on IF and the physics aren’t quite right

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For crosswinds, it’s best to keep back pressure for as long as possible, keeping the tail wheel on the ground, till above 70 kts, don’t use flaps for takeoff, and it will hit the 90 kts to rotate quite quickly.

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should i try a wheel landing instead of a three point with landing instead? thank you for the help

it could be, would love to see an update on it. when i get it flying its an absolute blast.

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Yeah I’d also love to see some of the old warbirds get reworked. I’ve always heard stories of the manuevers that WW2 pilots did and would love to recreate them

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Sorry for landing, never actually tried a 3 point landing, but tend to cut the throttle, and try to get the tail down as soon as I can, and just let it roll out, but do have to use the Ailerons in conjunction with the rudder, as the rudder never seems quite enough… it is a little tricky, but you get a feel for it, but even then have good and bad days with it 😉

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I hope it doesn’t, I quite like the raw feel and it keeping you on your toes, fitting being such an old plane 😉

There is a tutorial for this:

Old, but gold, and still valid.
It takes a lot more practice with taildragers in general, and the spit in special. But it is worth it, very satisfying with every successful landing!

Sorry, I meant this tutorial from Mark;

But the other one is good as well.

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you guys are the best thank you for your help. i will try when it out when i get off work! thanks again!

your second link wont pull up a video just a heads up but thank you!

Hey man, send me a DM. Have over 1500 hrs in the spitfire.


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