Spitfire Scramble

Good show all who were there! I saw a few spits doing short pattern work at KSLI in SoCal on Advanced and had to join in! At one point I counted 5 in the pattern.

@Henrik_B I know you were there. I didn’t catch the names of the others since I have names hidden.

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Damn, I missed it 😭, next time :D

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Did you see a Super Decathlon out there too?

Unfortunately not!

You’re talking about Mad Max’s dog fights, aren’t you?

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Correct I am.

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Did a few patterns with @Tyler_Shelton at KRAL. Unfortunately the trash haulers started showing up to ruin the fun! :(

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Yeah, I bailed! That A380 really messed things up. I talked to the controller and told him to deny aircraft too large. Gotta learn somewhere! :)


Did anyone play Aces High so as to give some mood to the scramble?