Spitfire rework

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Hi all,

I was just wondering if anybody had heard any rumours as to if the Spit was going to get a re-work at all? Don’t get me wrong I’m loving all the new aircraft but I’m still praying for a rework and the livery I love so much on the Spit?


Wow, you seriously want the rework! @Lewis_Birdie_Avery


Do you need likes ?
It’s useless to request this because all aircrafts will be further reworked any day. Please be patient.

It’s nice to request reworks of an aircraft

Why would I need likes?

I was simply asking if anybody knew if it was likely to happen and if your reply is accurate it sounds like it is, so thank you answering my question.

To answer your question- All aircraft are likely to be reworked at some point. To my knowledge however there is nothing to indicate it will come any earlier or later than the other models that need reworking.

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Thanks for answering @NEO this is one of the many reasons I stopped using the forum, I thought it was a place to ask questions, learn and share, sometimes though I think its more of a place for sarcastic, unhelpful and sometimes rude comments! Its a little sad really as I used to love using the forum. To many people looking to shoot others down without bothering to read correctly.

You’re welcome. And although I sometimes agree with your viewpoint, at the end of the day, it’s the internet. You eventually learn not to rise to such things. :)

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