Spitfire Rework

You can vote for that livery here


Seriously, the Spitfire is such a great WWII fighter plane to fly. All of you should think about reworking it.


Might aswell add the Hurricane with it



Good idea to add the Hawker Hurricane as well as it’s the Spitfire’s rival in Battle of Britain.

Not rival, the rival was the Bf-109. The hurricane was the spitfires teammate in the war. And the hurricane actually did alot of the hard work in most of the war.

Vote for it here : Hawker Hurricane

Anyways back on topic for the spitfire

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This would be awesome to have reworked got my vote

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I cant wait for the different liveries and mk types to come in a rework. would love to recreate duxford display of 16 different Spits in one massive diamond formation


Voted, love flying it.

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If the spit gets a rework I hope it’s the later ones with the griffon engine and the canopy becomes a separate animation from the landing gear

I need the RAAF version to celebrate the RAAF’s 100th Anniversary next year.

It would still be nice to have the Merlin engine types as they sound awesome too, i know they arent as powerful etc… but they were what made the spitfire the spitfire too and all part of the history !!

Im sure that will stay, The ZP-Q ‘Grey Nurse’ is one of the most famous spits going even with the limited history of it use and having delved into the history of this specific livery is awesome

ZP-Q named Grey Nurse, represents the 614th assembled A58 Spitfire manufactured in Australia and flew under No.457 Sqn in World War Two.

The Markings ZP-Q was flown by RAAF Flt Lt Alf Glendenning DFC, He was awarded the Distingushed Flying Cross for his bravery in fighting an ME 109 over the English Channel while he was with 405 Sqn before moving to 457 later that year.

A little history for all those interested !! would hate to see this livery go…