Spitfire Rework

The Spitfire is the British’s iconic WWII fighter. It was the British’s most produced WWII fighter, and the second most produced WWII fighter aircraft. It was used since the Battle of Britain in 1941 and retired in 1961.

Here’s are some specifications of the Spitfire (most variants):
Speed: 370 mph
Service ceiling: 36,500 ft
Range: 1,135 mph

The variant of the Spitfire included in Infinite Flight is the Mk VIII. It lacks of many animated parts and poor graphics quality. It also doesn’t have a cockpit view with working instruments like an A-10 and other future planes. It also has only one livery and more liveries should be added in the future updates.

The Spitfire is one of the older planes in Infinite Flight that has never been updated since 2013, so I think it’s time to have a look at the Spitfire, the greatest WWII plane.

Source: File:Spitfire VIII MT928.jpg - Wikipedia

Like it this aircraft could be awesome if reworked
Nothing major as its flight model is great perhaps ground effect updates and ground handling

Personal favorited aircraft of mine however it is annoying when it spins around uncontrollably maybe that’s just my input lol…

None the less I’ve spent many hours dusting the walls of the Grand Canyon in this fine specimen


I see. It’s really upsetting about it’s flight physics when taking off and landing. It’s really hard too land the Spitfire and its nose may tip over or even skid off the runway. So that’s why its flight physics should be updated.

Sorry I didnt understand it flies beautifully but not so good on the ground is that the flight model

I use the Spit for T&Gs and it’s not easy, but not impossible. Use rudder and do not apply brakes until you have slowed down.
Fun plane to fly!



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The Spitfire legend has voted !!!


This topic should be voted by more people in order to rework this plane. It would be awesome to keep the RAAF livery on the plane too.



Spitfire cockpit view:


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I really think this should be reworked! The spitfire would be a great addition to the historic and fighter fleet!

Love the aircraft, specially for tight pattern work. Got my vote!

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Thank you for voting this feature request. Although the Spitfire is not listed on the legacy plane panel, it lacks of a cockpit view and a lot of more new features introduced after the global update. Let’s get more votes guys to rework this British’s iconic WWII fighter plane.


I love this plane if they add more liverys to it.


got my vote

During the Spitfire rework, we can also add any of these liveries too, as we as the Australian Air Force too



I like the last livery

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Italian Air Force
image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c5/VS_Spitfire_LF.IX_MK805_(6446646903).jpg/640px-VS_Spitfire_LF.IX_MK805_(6446646903).jpg

VMaxVotes Yes! Listen Pilgrims our as is Spit just needs a skilled hand at the controls and a cockpit view. It handles best on the ground if you Taxi at a low speed (15 or less on the clock lee on a turn), due to its close set undercarriage design, broad wings and and heavy super charged RR engine up front. It will not “Ground Loop”, do donuts, or go unstable on the taxi, take off or landing roll if it’s hand and foot controlled properly. A Spit will not “Ground Loop” if the Pilot keeps the stick firmly in his lap on the rolls and it will roll on a straight line on the take off/landing sequence if both the “Ailerons & Rudder” not just the Rudder are employed (up wind wing down in proportion to winds). 100k calibrated gets you up and down no sweat. Only those with the “Right Stuff” can Fly the Spit and everything else in the IF inventory with a-plume.
Just Sayin Max


How did they get a spitfire from GB

Israel still has super marine spitfire
They use it in air shows