Spitfire performance

Hi everyone, How would I go about trying to get the Spitfire model’s performance to be more realistic? I am happy of course to help in anyway I can. You struggle to get it to 20,000 feet at 100kts.

The real aircraft could do 400mph at 21,000ft and go on to 35,000ft.

The model simulation is largely underpowered.

Thanks Tom.

The Spitfire is an extremely old model and needs a rework.

You can vote for it here:


While been one of the oldes aircraft in IF’s inventory there are two ways:

Performance reference

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To add to @BennyBoy_Alpha 's comments, I wouldn’t be surprised if this Spitfire model (Mk.VIII) gets replaced with the more famous Mk.IX. The IX has more registrations and unique paint schemes, though the camouflage is the same on all, RAF Dark Green, Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Grey.

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Not sure it warrants a support topic. The game isn’t glitching the plane’s just an old model.


Sorry, feel free to move it to the appropriate place.