Spitfire overhaul

Hi all,

Apologies for posting in general, I can’t post in features yet. Although I have found (in features) a couple of people asking for a 3d cockpit on the spitfire and some other WW2 planes, nobody really seems to have looked into it? Please feel free to correct me if you’ve found something though. I really love the good old spit but the If version is a little poor and I hate to say that as I’m a huge fan of the sim and love it in almost every way. But I feel possibly the greatest fighter of all time has been left in the corner collecting dust and she needs a little TLC, not that she is all bad for instance I love the fact one wing drops on stall which is true to life. So could you (the devs) please give her the love and attention she deserves? Below is how the beautiful girl should look and I would personally love the “Spirt of Kent” livery shown.

Also it would be fantastic to see some other old war birds in the hanger, Such as the Avro Lancaster, B17, and how about the ME-109’s? I’m sure I can’t be the only person that would happily pay for these additions and really feel not only would it reach out the plane nuts (like me) but also to a younger generation who let’s face it still owe a lot to the pilots of these amazing aircraft and may not have been lucky enough to see and hear them IRL. I’d really appreciate the devs taking a good look into this so any help in getting my post noticed or moved to the correct topic would be great and if like me you’d love to have some more war birds and a much better spitfire then let’s get this post noticed.


Hi there, nice to request a spitfire overhaul but forum regulations require only one feature in a request, thanks! :)

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Apologies Captain_DJ I’m new to this sort of thing. Thanks for moving it to features for me though.


Already planned. Please search before create topic.

I search, and this is the first topic regarding a spitfire overhaul. No other topics requested this.

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I hereby declare this a requirement to be completed in 2016.


Wrong, I posted it a year ago under a Hanger Queen Topic. A recent Topic “Rework the Spit” in the archive somewhere . No matter this Topic is a keeper.
It expands exponentially the will of the community and those who have the skill set to fly the “D” & “Spit”. I call them “The Few”


I searched up “Rework the Spit”, and there was no such topic. The only one of its kind was this topic.

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Maybe it was removed because it hadn’t had a comment in 3 months.

However, I totally support this. It needs to happen!


Apologies if this has been asked before but I honestly couldn’t find anything baring a 3d cockpit (which would pretty cool to be fair). Thanks for the support on the subject though and I really hope AR_AR is correct and it will be reworked this year. I love flying the spit and she is so manoeuvrable, a great aircraft for acrobatics and once she’s got her new look please, please, please let it be the spirt of Kent!!! she will easily be my favourite on IF.


Your right Gamer. The Spit Topics I wrote where locked & retired. There no longer searchable. Thus this Post is valid.Hopefully this post will get traction. Max

(@Lewis_Birdie_Avery… Do good work Lou. Please you posted this topic. It needed a new look see & revival. Max)


Thank you for clearing that up @Maxmustang. Im really hoping this is going to happen, it would make the Spit one of if not the best on the Sim

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