Spitfire Mk IIa P7350 EBoG

The only Spitfire remaining to have fought in the Battle of Britain, it was ordered on April 12, 1938 and built on 1940, and delivered to the RAF as P7350 on the same year.
The aircraft held several tactical markings throught the years, EBoG being the latest, which represents the aircraft flown by the fighter ace Eric Lock, who got his first victory on August 15 of 1940, when he shot down two aircraft, a Bf 110 and a Ju 88. On September 5 of 1940, he shot down two He 111s, and a two Bf 109, reaching 6 victories. He shot down another Ju 88 the next day, two Bf 109s on September 9th and, on September 11, one Ju 88 and a Bf 110.
With 11 victories in total, he was given on October 1 the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).


Just saw this flying (not irl) in the BBMF. It was leading a group of 17 other WW2 aircraft at RIAT 2015, including a ME109 (a personal favourite of mine. Would be awesome to have on IF 🙂