Spitfire Landing & Strobe Lights

The spitfire landing and strobe lights do not function as intended. Pressing the buttons does not turn on the lights.


Note: I have both the landing lights and strobe lights turned on, but I can’t see them enabled.

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Press the airplane icon.
  3. Scroll down to “Spitfire Mk VIII” and press it.
  4. Press “OK”.
  5. Press “FLY”.
  6. Locate the icon that looks like three sheets of paper, and drag it to the right until you see “SYSTEMS”.

Additional Information
iPad Air 2 / iPhone 6
iOS 9.2.1
Infinite Flight Version


Is it supposed to have lights?

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Not sure to be honest.

I don’t think the strobes are actually on the plane…maybe they got added now, but the original may not have them.

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That is because this aircraft doesn’t have any landing or strobe lights, it’s not a bug.
Notice that is a pretty old aircraft, I think WW2 :)

Exactly. It is a bug because they do not work.

Interesting, but for being an old aircraft I don’t think it had lights back then.

No, it’s not, this aircraft on its original configuration has not any kind of strobes or landig lights.

Then there should be no option to turn them on…

I’m agree :)

It’s just there because all aircraft in IF have that option. This occurs with other similarities across older aircrafts in IF, for example some fighters have spoilers yet you can’t see them deploy, but they’re still there

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I believe the F/A -18 doesn’t have functioning strobes or landing lights either…

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Someone told me that back in WWII, having strobe lights and cabin lights were not really a good idea. You’d be a flying target. :)

I’d like to also add this airplane does not have APPR. To Repro, launch a flight, begin to intercept the ILS, then try to engage the APPR mode. Notice there will not be a button to select.


Welcome to the forum, Joe.

Please create a new topic for your bug, do not post it in my report. Thanks.


Oh, I’m sorry. I thought this was the ‘report stuff that’s missing that shouldn’t be there to begin with’ section. Sorry

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Henrik, do you seriously think an old Mazda would have Bluetooth in it? No. So then why would the Spit have lights 🤓


The spitfire has a landing and strobe light switch. Obviously if they don’t work, it’s a bug, no?


I agree on that point, Henrik.

That’s a bit like saying if you flick a light switch on a wall the lights have to turn on - Even if there is no light in the socket.

No light bulb no light…