Spitfire Fun Flash Event @ EGYE - 262000ZAUG16

Hello everyone!

Come on down to EGYE on Expert server in an hour for some Spitfire fun! Get some tight pattern work done on the runways in use (will be shown below) in the wonderful Spitfire. This is a 30 min - 1 hour long event.

Server: Expert

Region: London

Airport: EGYE

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *For touch and goes, please use these three runways.

Rwy 29

Rwy 06

Rwy 36

Maybe we can even get some ATC there too.

Have lots of fun and safe landings everyone! Hope to see you all down here in an hour!

You should consider holding it on a Training Server, so more people can join!

One word: trolls.

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That’s true however nobody uses RAF Barkson Heath

Tell me where else to go and I’ll change it. It has to have atleast two runways.

Even though I’m quite tired of flying the Socal region, KVCV is greatly under used in my opinion.

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