Spitfire formations

Here are a few shots from some spitfire flying with fellow IFATC members @Raidon23 and @Brad_Jones . Initially we were going to just do a typical flight but it ended up with a bit of aerobatics. We were on the expert server on a segment of this FPL


CYXS 5356N/12142W 5336N/12040W 5316N/12006W 5257N/11924W CAH4 5238N/11858W 5237N/11856W 5236N/11853W 5223N/11841W 5222N/11838W 5221N/11837W 5217N/11833W 5215N/11831W 5213N/11828W 5207N/11826W 5159N/11804W 5156N/11800W 5148N/11741W 5141N/11731W 5132N/11724W 5130N/11711W 5112N/11652W 5059N/11628W 5044N/11610W 5029N/11558W CYCZ 5009N/11547W 4943N/11543W 4928N/11528W 4911N/11514W 4900N/11509W 4832N/11432W 4818N/11414W KMSO 4649N/11157W 4622N/11127W 4554N/11154W 4549N/11210W KDLN 4459N/11252W 4442N/11239W 4432N/11216W 4420N/11210W 4344N/11204W 4332N/11202W 4258N/11231W 4218N/11158W KSLC

image image image image image

Hope you like them! Which is you favourite?

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Amazing photos! The scenery looks great, and coupled with the sunset and the amazing formation makes for beautiful shots.

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Beautiful photos

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Happy you like them! If anyone wants me to edit some don’t hesitate to ask. Here are some I’ve done. (Heavily edited because I was experimenting a bit🙂)
image image image


Great to be flying one of these

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i really loved it, good job

YO… YOU GUYS SHOULD INTER FOR SUN n’ FUN online we need some formation flights and a air show!!