Spitfire 80th birthday @ EGKB - 051800ZMAR16

Today is the spitfires 80th birthday. It was today that the first prototype took to the skies in public so I’ve decided to make this event. You can do what ever you want in the London region (I’m going to do pattern work at EGKB) but the aim is to get as many spitfires flying above the skies of London as possible!
Have fun!

Server: ATC Playground

Region: London

Airport: EGKB Biggin hill

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Spitfires only


I’m comeing definitely in going to fly to EGMC my local airport

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Anyone else joining?

Are get my friends

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Im comimg, Callsign N851TB

If today is its birthday, why is the event on the 16th?

Its March 5th, 2016…

@Godzilla_Gamer, look in the title. It says it’s on the 16th.

The title says:
March 5th
1800 Zulu Time
March 2016

I’m in jfbs

This is what mine says:

If yours says something different this is just weird. The time you see makes more sense though.

the 16 means the year.

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I see that too.

Read this:

The title says 05 (Day) 18:00 Zulu (Hour) March (Month) 16 = 2016 (Year)

Don’t worry it’s a little bit confusing ;)

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Oh, duh, i see it now. Don’t know how I didn’t catch that.