Spiroid winglet

Have you ever seen this type of winglet?


What happened to this plane

Nothing. It just has spiroid winglets.

They look so weird but I guess they work really well because no autual tip so no vortexs

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Nope, never seen it, but it looks awesome!

They are in testing at the moment. They are supposed to dramatically reduce wing tip drag and improve wing efficiency.

Like all wing tips though the cost of carrying the extra weight needs to be balanced against the savings garnered from improved efficiency.

E.g. The massive wingtips on the 767 only really become efficient on flights in excess of approximately 4 hours. Before that the fuel saved is less than the fuel required to carry them.

Small percentages have a big effect in the airline world. From ‘Flight Blogger’:

Boeing has estimated that for every 1% improvement in fuel burn, the 777 would gain 75 nm in range, 10 more passengers or 2,400 pounds of cargo.

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The plane itself is weird. The tail engine is akward and the rear stabilizer is very weirdly placed

Reminds me of those blade-less stand fans ¯_(ツ)_/¯



me too @Mubashir.

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new turbo fan suspected? XD

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What aircraft is this?

Looks like a Dassult Falcon 7x. Not sure though.

A dassualt falcon 50

Meh, same thing.

Pretty much yes.

Also never seen anything like that before ! When you think you have seen everything , then this comes along …

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