Spirit Virtual Sleigh Ride Challenge 2020

Spirit Virtual Presents:
Sleigh Ride!

What is Sleigh Ride?

Sleigh Ride is a fun holiday program our staff at Spirit Virtual came up with! It has a lot of rewards, events, and more for our pilots to enjoy throughout the month of December! For pilots who wish to participate and get the "World Traveler" status, they must complete the required routes per week delivering gifts and passengers all around the world!

What is the "World Traveler" status earned at the end?

The "World Traveler" is a high-status reward earned at the end if a pilot were to fly the required amount of routes per week. This reward earns:

All NKVA Routes and Codeshares,
50 Additional Hours of Flight Time,
10,000 miles,
Priority at NKVA Events!

How do pilots earn the World Traveler status?

The required amount of routes that have to be flown each week depends on how many long hauls and/or short/medium-haul routes pilots want to fly in order to get the credit for the week.

Choices for earning credit for each week:

All 4 Short/Medium-Haul Routes
2 Short/Medium-Haul Flights, and 1 Long Haul
2 Long-Haul Routes and No Short/Medium-Haul Flights

All flights have to be filed by 11:59pm at the end of the week in order to earn World Traveler


In addition to our Sleigh Ride challenge, we will also be doing other things here at NKVA to celebrate the holiday season and have fun! We will include some events and some other fun features for our pilots! Be sure to stay tuned for any big announcements or events we might post in the near future!

How do I join the holiday fun?

If you would like to be a part of NKVA and celebrate the holidays with us, you can apply using the link on our thread! As always, we are happy to welcome new members into our VA! If you wish to participate, you should join no later than November 30th since our Sleigh Ride challenge starts on December 1st.

NKVA wishes everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season! 🎄


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