Spirit Virtual | Infinite Flight's Leading Low Cost Carrier [Now Hiring Staff]



Welcome to the new and improved Spirit Virtual!

Infinite Flight’s leading low cost carrier!

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Welcome to the new Spirit Virtual!

Spirit Virtual was re-opened on May 24, 2019. Under new leadership from @Kaleb_Jordan the VA is going to strive to become Infinite Flight’s leading low cost carrier! With new systems like Virtual Booking and a updated Crew Center, we at Spirit Virtual strive to be as modern and up to date as possible. Join Today!


Crew Center!

We have a new and improved Crew Center where you can find all of our flights! You must manually input every flight you do Our system will tell you all the details you need for your flight.


Why choose Spirit?

Spirit Virtual is a unique airline. We fly the real routes of the airline, with destinations across the Continental United States, as well as vacation destinations in Central and South America, meaning you can explore a variety of places with just a few hours’ flight time.You will need to go through our pilot training academy before you can fly!


Our Statement to you!

We promise to make your Spirit Virtual experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. We also embrace the need to keep it professional, and we are happily available to answer any questions about anything in the VA. On top of that, we promise to take pilot suggestions into account and we will constantly work to adapt it to what you want. This is ultimately the pilots VA. we want to ensure you are having a fun time while remaining professional.


Our Fleet!

We operate a fleet of all Airbus A320 family aircraft. We do not do ranks by route type we do them by hours! As soon as you join Spirit Virtual you will be able to fly all of our aircraft!









  • Must be Grade 3.
  • Must be above 14 years of age.
  • Must pass the written test. (Given when added to Slack.)
  • Must be able to pass the Pilot Academy.
  • Must be mature!


Our Ranks!

  • Trainee - not permitted on scheduled routes (must complete pilot academy.)
  • Third Officer - Attained once pilot academy has been passed
  • Second Officer - 20 hours
  • First Officer - 50 hours
  • Captain - 100 hours
  • Senior Captain - 200 hours

We understand these seem like a lot of hours, but with the diversity of routes in our network we believe they are easily attainable by an active pilot.


Now hiring staff!

Board Of Directors

Your job will be to make crucial decisions in how the VA works.

  • COO : Closed
  • Chairman : Closed
  • Director of Human Resources : Open
  • Head Moderator : Open
  • Pilot Academy Leader : Open || Urgent
Independent Staff
  • Events Manager : Open
  • Routes Manager : Open || Urgent
  • Human Resources Assistant : Open
  • Web design and Media Manager : Open
  • Pilot Academy Trainer : Open || Urgent
  • There are 2 more moderator positions open!

How to apply?

Please message the CEO @Kaleb_Jordan.



Spirit Virtual is proud to use Slack for our communications!


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It’s nice to see the low-fare king back to compete with… ;)


Nice thread guys!

Congrats on Approval guys! I was recently on the website, and saw you were certified! I was instantly happy! Can’t wait to join you guys!


Nice thread
Happy to be partners with u

Very neat thread, Congratulations Sprit!

Good thread, hopefully you do well in the future!

Note that Nick is the CEO of Frontier Virtual, so he is competing with you :)

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We have lots of Staff positions available!
Message @Kaleb_Jordan to apply!

Spirit VA has been down for the past month. We are trying hard to get everything up and running. In the meantime continue to apply and we will start reviewing applications on Monday, July 15.


I have decided to close Spirit Virtual Airlines for good. Thank you all who wanted it to thrive. The interest just was not there. Moderators please close this thread.


VA Closed.