Spirit Virtual | Hub to Hub 1st Global event @ KACY - 211700ZOCT17 ( COMPLETE & CLOSED )

NOTAM: | FPL: ACY V229 LEEAH V1 SBY ORF J121 CHS J79 OMN FISEL6 | FL350 | VS 2900 | -VS: 1800 | Fuel: 8805 kg | You are to follow the lead (me). Please do not cut me off while flying. Thanks and lets have a good flight!

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It’s a problem with the global servers. Keep trying and eventually it will let you connect. Took me multiple tries.


Okay guys, start spawning in.


Can the person who spawned on me please move to another gate? Also please do not leave without me

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And…my app crashed

ok try to respawn at a nearby airport
are you A spirit NK va pilot?

respawn at KRWI international airport in North Carolina
and follow @Coolman again

Not currently. I was hoping to join. Just got the app back up and running. Taking off KRWI.

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hold on i have to find a new airport for you

takeoff from MYR myrtle beach

Quick update, Coolman is now passing jacksonvillle and i believe has an estimated time of 45 kinutes until On the ground in FLL.
Thank you for flying spirit :)

Send photos!! I want to seeee :D

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sure, But thats if he did taake pictures , But if he sends some to me i will show you.
Have a nice day and he is at 5000 feet landing very soon

He is now on the ground, We lost our other person but it must still have been Beautiful along the coast

Here are some pics!

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Thnk you to everyone who came and or applied, We do apologize to anyone who’s time wasn’t available.
we would like that to change
Your best day

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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best time of the day for you

  • 1000Z
  • 1100Z
  • 1200Z
  • 1300Z
  • 1400Z
  • 1500Z
  • 1600Z
  • 1700Z
  • 1800Z
  • 1900Z
  • 2000Z
  • 2100Z
  • 2200Z
  • 2300Z
  • 2400Z

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Thank you for flying spirit airlines virtual

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