Spirit Virtual | Hub to Hub 1st Global event @ KACY - 211700ZOCT17 ( COMPLETE & CLOSED )

Hello everyone, Spirit VA is back with another weekly event.This weeks is A Hub to Hub flight From Our hub ACY Atlantic city in New Jersey and to FLL Fort Lauderdale.This is our Second ever event and first global event.We are happy to begin global OPS here At Spirit and we hope you will come fly with us as well. Always remember to follow all instructions and Thank you for choosing Spirit Airlines Virtual.

Server: Global Training

Aircraft: Airbus A321 or A319

Airport: KACY

Dates: October 21,2017

Time: 1700Z

Airbus A319 Fuel Load: 18470 LBS
Airbus A321 Fuel Load: 22479 LBS

NOTAM: Our crusing altitude will be 33,000 Feet with a speed of 340 Knots Follow the Lead and
Please Follow ALL ATC instruction when given. Stay in a Line and copy our given flight plan below.

Flight plan is In-Progress
Our estimated flight time is 3 Hours and 5 minutes

Gate 1: @Coolman
Gate 1A: @Boeing747-8
Gate 2: @tbogaert19
Gate 3: @Olblue93
Gate 4:
Gate 5:
Gate 6:
Gate 7:
Gate 8:
Gate 9:
Gate 10:

Link to our official thread

Link to website

As always Thank you for flying Spirit Airlines Virtual


No A320 😡 not sporting the Spirit Colors 😂
I’ll make it, I’ll follow behind you, btw, do you guys have a event manager yet? (Im just asking😜) gate 1, A321 cuz imma beast

No not yet… we haven’t determined a lead yet…
We are basing the aircraft off of our route database, So this is what the actual route has.
Gate 1A for you

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@ORDspotter let me get gate plz

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Sure you are going to be the lead
Gate 1 for you

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I’m in with the A319, what time is it EDT (New York time)? 1200?

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Glad to see our sister LCC standing strong. Good job Spirit VA.

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yes it is on this saturday at 12:00N our time
Me and you ( you are in new york time right lol ) share the same time zone
Gate 2 for you

Thank you for your nice compliment.

@ORDspotter I’m Sorry, but may I know when I join this VA?

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@Wei_Kang No problem, you’ll get gate 4


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Im so sorry
i got you confused with one of our pilots…
He has a similar name to you.
You have my apologies for this mix-up

@tbogaert19 @Boeing747-8
@Coolman the event is soon
Prepare please
Enjoy the event
Its in 33 Minutes
spawn at your gates At ACY

@tbogaert19 @Boeing747-8 @Coolman The event has been pushed back 1 hour, PLEASE BE AT your gate by 1655z
thank you
The new time is 1700Z

Can I get a gate? Delta a319

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Atlantic City is actually in New Jersey ;)

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for the a319 yo7 use Generic livery, this is a Spirit NK event

Gate 3 for you

yes i just noticed that, fixing it now

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Sorry for the late notice but I can’t make it, for some reason IF isn’t working for me, probably an internet problem, sorry @ORDspotter

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copy that no problem

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