Spirit Virtual Airlines Revamps | (Under new Ownership and looking for pilots and Staff)

Hi there!

Spirit Airlines is a cheap-budget airline and has its unique infamous yellow livery (Banana livery) we will always be cheap and that’s that. We will try and be as realistic as possible with routes and other things.

That’s the introduction over and done with now to the main part, so we are now under new leadership and this will now make us thrive our way through to the top, we are currently looking for some staff and the other thing of course pilots! We are also still waiting for IFVARB approval.

If you would like to join tap this link or click Here

Staff positions:

CEO: @lahockey
COO: @captaink
Website Developer:
CFO: @Thomasairways
Head Captain:

The ones with blank spaces are free positions if you want to apply for one of the staff positions under the application form and question ‘Why do you want to join Spirit Virtual’ say which position you would like.


We currently fly in all US regions and with global coming out we will do real airline routes.


We fly with the callsign of NKS(number)

Our Fleet:
A319 (Generic)
A321 (Generic)

Why choose us?

You should choose us as we are friendly, have staff who you can talk to, we are here to answer your questions, we are hardworking to improve the va as much as possible, we are experienced so we know what we are doing and finally we just want you to enjoy your time with us!

Our website can be found Here

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask below!
If you have any problems or see any say them below as well!
Thank you for reading! See you in the skies!

Just to remind everyone we are still looking for some new executives! Please PM if you want those positions.

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