Spirit Virtual Airlines | Official Thread

I just went through and reviewed a bunch of applications. Welcome to the VA!

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Be sure to sign up for our event! [28 Spots] Spirit Virtual KIAH Flyout | @KIAH - 101800ZNOV18

Hello again everyone! We just completed our first event, and we will take part in I’m going to have to end it here as it doesn’t look like much is going to happen if I were to wait. We will be taking part in another event near the end of next month. We will let you know more details about that and Spirit’s spots in it as we figure them out. Thank you!

Hope everyone is doing well! We have finished a little activity reboot, and hope to get flying more in the near future. We are also planning on releasing another one of our own events in the next couple of months to compliment the one we are taking part in. We’ll see you in the skies! preferably under Spirit colors ;)

Hello everyone! We are looking for two new staff members! We are currently lacking a server moderator (for our inter-VA communications) and an operations manager. Please PM me if you would be interested! You do not need to be or become a pilot with us to be in these positions. Thanks!

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the we are still very much here just in case anyone thought otherwise and are discussing a very special partnership opportunity. Stay tuned as we work with this other VA and our Staff to get it as good as it can be 😊

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While we work on getting things sorted with the above message, are are still (and always have been) looking for active pilots. If you think Spirit would be the right VA for you, which I hope it is, we would love you to join. And maybe spread the word while you are at it. ;)

We also still have open staff positions for anyone interested.

See you all in the skies!

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Hey guys! Just letting you know we are making slight updates, and staff applications are ending in the coming days.

Among the updates will be a slightly updated front page of the website, and some better representation and presence in the community as well. Stay tuned!


We are back again! We are working on some new partnerships to get us reaching further than our current route network!


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Hi guys. I regret to inform you that we are closing. We couldn’t grow the VA to be what we hoped, as previous owners seem to have struggled with as well, and the motivation wasn’t really there to keep pushing for something that wasn’t there. I want to thank all the pilots that applied and joined, and the other airlines that viewed us as a potential partner. Best of luck to those people, and I’ll see you all in the Infinite Flight skies!