Spirit Virtual 2021 Thread || Less Money, More Go!

New Codeshares Announcement

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that we are officially partnered with @Ethiopian_Virtual , and @VirtualIce ! These two VAs will give us amazing parts of the world for our pilots to fly and enjoy. Ethiopian will give us routes in Africa, India, and parts of the Middle East! Virtual Ice will give us Iceland, many airports in Eastern Europe, and a bunch of transatlantic long hauls to the USA! We are super excited to have the opportunity to be partners with these amazing Virtual Airlines. We hope everyone in NKVA enjoys the new routes! Here's to a great partnership down the road!


1 Year Anniversary

Today, June 10th is a very special day for the VA. It is our 1 year anniversary going public! I really cannot believe that it has been a year already since NKVA took off, and to see the major success we've had throughout our first year is just amazing to me. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the VA whether it is a staff member, an ex-staff member, or even pilots! Without those people, Spirit Virtual wouldn't be where it is today, so big thank you to everyone. Here's to many more great memories. Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations NKVA on one year!



great VA! highly recommended!


You comin Louisville soon?


I applied yesterday afternoon! Go Spirit!!!


The Sprit is high!

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Hello! What do you mean by that?

In real life, Sprit airlines operate to KSDF, you guys going there?


They do indeed have SDF routes. They operate most flights that the RL Spirit flies. ;)

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Spirit does in fact go there in real life from Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. It was not in our VA database so I just added both of those flights in the database just in case you want to join :)

Great thread! And we are proud to be partnered with you! Keep up the good work!


New System For Hosting Events

Here at Spirit Virtual we like to host at least 1 event a week if we can. In this recent month, I have been noticing a trend of little to no event attendance.

With these types of problems, we have to adapt to them and figure out what’s best to do in these situations, and I have come up with a new way of having events here at Spirit Virtual.

What will happen is that we will be hiring 2 new people to join our brand new events team, which will give a lot more freedom for a few reasons.

The first reason is because we will be able to have more people to hire. With events team, you may already be staff at another virtual airline while being on the events team, so the position isn’t officially staff and you won’t have those restrictions, which means more people will be able to apply if they want.

The second reason is success of the event team system. There are a good amount of virtual airlines that have this system, and most of the time, they get a decent amount of attendance for events.

The last reason is for time and day accommodation. With having more than one person to host events, we will be able to host possibly more events during the week, which means more people can be included if they are at different times.

Overall, this system is a lot more flexible and gives us more options. I have confidence that this will work out for the VA.

Right now, Will is our current events manager. He will remain staff as head of the events team! This means he will be helping out the new events team members and anything else when it comes to events.

If you think you would make a good addition to the Spirit Virtual events team, you are welcome to apply to have a chance at becoming one of our new event team members! Applications must be sent in no later than Sunday at 11:59 PM EST.


Apply to Spirit Virtual

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Staff Team Updates

Hello everyone! I know we haven't posted on here in a while, so I figure I would give an announcement about the changes to our staff team as well as some other announcements fit in here.


Our current COO Carter (@Cannoli928) has decided to step down from COO to Operations Manager since he doesn't have time to fulfill the position anymore. We thank Carter for all he has done for the almost year he has been serving as COO, and we hope he continues to contribute to NKVA as Operations Manager
With that, I would like to welcome Will T (@Delta ) as our new COO of Spirit Virtual! Will has been with Sprit Virtual for almost a year, he is very active, he has good intentions for the VA, and I believe he will do well in his new role.

Operations Manager Update

With Carter stepping down to the Operations Manager position, he will be replacing our old Operations Manager, Spencer (@EpicLegend29). Spencer has been with the VA since almost the start, and he was also hired around a year ago to be Operations Manager here at Spirit Virtual. We thank Spencer for his contributions to the VA for his time as Operations Manager.

Developer Update

Recently, we created the new position of developer since there was someone who wanted to contribute. Saharsh (@Saharsh) was our developer for a few months and he contributed the bot to our Discord server to make it customized just for us! Unfortunately, he is resigning from his position due to other things he has going on, and he doesn't have much time to help anymore. We would like to thank Saharsh for his contributions to NKVA. He will continue to maintain the Discord bot for the foreseeable future.

Developer Position Open

Since I would like to keep the Developer position at Spirit Virtual, this means we are looking for someone who is knowledgeable to developing preferably websites that use HTML and Bootstrap. If you think you are knowledgeable enough to meet this or you are knowledgeable to any other developing category that may help us in any way, please give us a PM and we can discuss further! We have a lot to offer on the Spirit Virtual staff team!

Apply to Spirit Virtual
Thank you everyone and have a great day!
-Eric D [CEO]


🤔 Spirit Virtual…. NICE! May have to join up soon! 👀


You definitely should! Lot’s of exciting things we have coming up, especially for the holiday season!


Applied!!! Hope to hear soon

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Sleigh Ride with Spirit Virtual 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! With the kickoff to the holiday season starting today, I am very pleased to announce that we will be continuing our special Sleigh Ride program this year! It will be almost exactly like last year with some changes since Spirit Virtual has changed since we had this a year ago. There are amazing routes for you guys to choose from, and of course, the World Traveler award! We encourage pilots to participate even if you aren't able to complete the requirements each week.

These routes for Sleigh Ride will be replacing Routes of the Week for the month of December to encourage participation. Attached below is a PDF document to explain exactly how Sleigh Ride works. We recommend that everyone reads this, even pilots who did the program last year so everyone knows exactly how it works this year.

More information can be found in this document:
Sleigh Ride Document

The start of Sleigh Ride will begin at midnight on December 1st for everyone to start delivering gifts around the world!

If you would like to be a part of the fun this Holiday season and more, Spirit Virtual is just for you! We have so much to offer to our pilots!
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