Spirit Virtual 2021 Thread || Less Money, More Go!

Spirit Virtual 2021 Thread

Hello! And welcome to the official Spirit Virtual IFC thread!

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We are Spirit Virtual, founded in 2020 with professionalism, realism, and a relaxed environment in mind. Since being founded in June of 2020, we have not only totaled up over 30 pilots in our very active Discord, we’ve gained lots of codeshare routes with our 9 partners. With our unique ranking system, the fun rewarding system as well as high-quality weekly events, there’s no reason you won’t enjoy your experience at Spirit Virtual.

At Spirit Virtual we fly by a simple mission…

“Our mission as a Virtual Airline in this competitive space is to provide our
pilots with the most professional, fun, and safe environment possible.”

Why us? Spirit Virtual is a rather small, yet high-quality and professional VA! We have friendly staff, great pilots, awesome routes, and extensive codeshares from multiple parts of the world! NKVA has an experience like no other VA. Our pilots and staff provide a lot of character to make a fun experience on Infinite Flight for players!

Spirit Virtual Offerings

Not only do we have a great, active community you can chat with, you also have great exclusive perks!

Spirit Virtual Rewards

Spirit Free: Unlocked at 10 flights flown, 1 out of hub and 1 out of rank flight permitted per week.

Spirit Silver: Unlocked at 20 flights flown, 1 no rank restriction flight, and 1 out of Hub flight permitted every week with a 1.2x time multiplier on every flight under 2 hours.

Spirit Gold: Unlocked at 40 flights flown, 1 no rank, and 1 non-hub flight per week with a 1.3x MILES multiplier on every flight under 3 hours.

Spirit Platinum: Unlocked at 100 flights flown, No hub or rank restrictions, 1.15x MILES multiplier on every flight.

Spirit Virtual Events
Every week, you can expect 1-2 events to be hosted by our Events Manager or other staff. Weekday events typically will be hosted Wednesday evening, and weekend events will be hosted anytime during the weekend.

Pilot Testimonials

Spirit Virtual is one of the best, if not the best VA. The staff at this VA is tremendously helpful and make the entire experience enjoyable, not to mention the extreme amounts of events they host. This was the first VA I joined after achieving Grade 3. I have met some of my best friends on the IFC through NKVA. If it weren’t for NKVA I would not know half the people I do. So, if you want to be part of a Virtual Airline that is very well managed, welcoming, and a VA that is full of great people, then Spirit Virtual is for you!

-Brody B | NKVA Senior First Officer

NKVA was my second virtual airline that took me in, everyone was welcoming and just awesome bringing me in, and slowly becoming a regular. I have met, and talked to, so many awesome people, the staff is just wonderful, and great at what they do. Next is the CEO, the most vital part of anything, and for a business, airline, restaurant etc. to exceed in what they do, they need a good leader. Here at NKVA we have just that, Eric has built this VA to be non-toxic, friendly, welcoming, and he has become a great friend of mine. NKVA’s aircraft selection might be thin compared to other virtual airlines, but, they have a TON of codeshaes where you can fly to almost anywhere on the globe! I would highly recommend this VA to someone new to the community, or someone that’s been here awhile.

-Devin K | NKVA First Officer

Our staff team is here to provide everyone with the best experience possible. Never hesitate to ask one of them if you ever have a question, we are here to help everyone out!

Our Staff Team

Eric D | Chief Executive Officer

Carter C | Chief Operating Officer

Spencer N | Operations Manager

Seth N | Events Manager

Staff applications will be announced, please do not PM asking, thanks!

Spirit Virtual is part of the Global Economic Travel Alliance (GETA), which includes @SouthwestVirtual, @FrontierVA, @Volaris_VA, and @SpiritVirtualAirline. Pilots in Spirit Virtual are allowed to fly any of these airline routes as long as they meet the rank requirements. Spirit Virtual is also partnered with @VietnamVirtual, @AirChinaVirtual, @easyJetVirtual, @SurfAirVirtual, @Allegiant_Virtual, and soon to be Virtual Ice as codeshare partners, all of which allow a totally new area of the world to be flown as a Spirit Virtual pilot.


Our Partners Can Take You To…

Spirit Virtual operates over 600 unique routes with 3 Airbus aircraft across 7 hubs across the U.S.
We also have 8 ranks for our pilots to unlock, at which point they will be able to fly longer flights!


Every Pilot will be able to fly every aircraft as a new pilot, this makes our ranking structure a but different, instead of unlocking aircraft at certain ranks, you unlock the ability to fly farther! These ranks also apply to codeshares, so you have almost no codeshare restrictions as a new pilot as well!

All Ranks

New Pilot - 0-15 hours - Flights under 2:00

Cadet - 15-30 hours - Flights under 2:30

Second Officer - 30-50 hours - Flights under 3:00

First Officer - 50-100 hours - Flights under 4:00

Senior First Officer - 100-130 hours - Flights under 4:30

Captain - 130-150 hours - Flights under 5:00

Senior Captain - 150-180 hours - Flights under 5:30

NKVA Commander - 200 hours - All NKVA Flights and Codeshares


Spirit Virtual operates the…

Airbus A319 (Generic)
Airbus A320
Airbus A321


Spirit Virtual operates out of 7 hubs, 3 primary and 4 secondary airports…

View Hubs

Primary Hubs

KFLL - Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Fort Lauderdale is located in Southern Florida and it is Spirit’s biggest hub, with over 50 domestic and international routes it is a powerhouse for Spirit.

KDTW - Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Airport is another big hub for Spirit with over 30 domestic routes, KDTW offers many short-haul and medium-hauls around the Eastern side of the U.S.

KMCO - Orlando International Airport

Orlando International is another Spirit hub located in Florida, with over 35 international and domestic routes, KMCO offers a big range of short and medium-haul flights.

Secondary Hubs

KORD - Chicago O’Hare

Chicago O’Hare is another big hub for Spirit with lots of short hops mainly used by business travelers.

KDFW - Dallas Fort Worth Airport

One of Spirit’s biggest hubs, Fort Worth has over 20 routes all across the country and even some flights into Mexico and the Caribbeans.

KACY/KPHL - Atlantic City Airport/Philadelphia International Airport

This hub allows pilots to fly out of both ACY and PHL as their hub allowing them to explore the beauty of the U.S. East Coast.

KLAS - Las Vegas McCarran International

Las Vegas International is Spirit’s biggest hub in terms of annual passenger transit with over 30 routes, McCaren offers many scenic flights over the Rocky Mountains of the West.

Here’s where our hubs can take you!


Spirit Virtual uses the VANet Flare Crew Center to log flights but it also has tons of other features that make it great for pilots and really convenient for pilots to navigate and use the Crew Center.

All Features

•Manual PIREP filing
•Route Database
•Live Map
•NKVA Handbook and Website links
•Hub System
•Leave of Absence system
•Pilots and staff list
•Multiplier code system
•Sleek and modern design
•So much more!


Our website has all the information you need about us, as well as an embedded application form so you can apply for us!

You’re ready to join? Awesome! just click the apply link here , or at either the top or bottom of the thread and take the pilot test and you should receive a PM on the IFC within 72 hours of submitting your application!


• Be at least Grade 3 on Infinite Flight
• Be at least 13 years of age
• Access to Discord
• No more than a .45 violations/landing ratio
• Not blacklisted/watchlisted from the IFVARB
• The ability to log 1 flight every month

Thank you!

You’ve made it to the end of our thread! We’d like to thank you for viewing our thread and possibly see you with us in the Infinite Flight skies sometime soon!

Spirit Virtual 2021

Website | Apply | Instagram

Thank You :)

Photo credits: @Delta

Map credits: https://spirit.com

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Nice thread


I am so glad to be a part of this amazing VA😊

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Same love this VA


Great job on the thread guys! looks amazing!


Amazing community to be apart of, I’m super glad to be apart of the outstanding VA! <3


Great thread. Have a great year!


Great Thread! Glad to be in this VA!


I hope to see some new faces in the Discord soon!


Awesome thread! Can’t wait to see some new pilots


This is actually one of the best threads I’ve seen in awhile! Way to go Sprit VA!


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Go check out our IFC event that will be happening on May 2nd at 1800Z!


Applied! I passed the test aswell!


AWESOME! We’ll be watching out for you !

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@SpiritVirtualAirline when can I expect to hear back?

Also, how many pilots do you guys have?

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Awesome thread man. Hopefully we’ll see more pilots join when 21.1 releases.


Hello! You can expect to hear back within 72 hours of your application. Sorry if I got back to you so late, I’ve been busy this week. To answer your second question, we have about 30 pilots that are active here! We hope to see you soon in Spirit Virtual!


amazing thread 🥵

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