Spirit VA

Would anyone like to start a Spirit VA with me or just create one in general. Spirit Airlines is my favorite Airline so that’s why I was wondering. If there is already an active one could you please comment down below.


Spirit isn’t currently taken or reserved so you would be able to. I wish you the best of luck.


You better have good insurance 😂


I mean, if anyone were to create one, let me know because i could give you hand!

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Check this out if you haven’t already 👍

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It’s this one btw I think that one is old or something kind of weird.

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You can’t use the staff request thread unless you have started the approval process 🙂 Good luck with your VA!

Don’t think this one is taken. I would love to see it in action! Best of luck if you decide to start it.

To get started, go to www.ifvarb.com and read the instructions on how to create a VA.

Best of luck mate!

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I believe there is a Spirit that is open?

if any of the guys above actually checked the IFVARB.com website, they would know that it is up and running

edit: the va is closed, but the thread wasnt and the website is wrong

If you read to the bottom, it stats the VA was closed. that’s why the thread is closed. and unlisted🙂👍

It’s closed and unlisted since I flagged it

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