Spirit Sunset flight over the Gulf

Hello IFC this is my first ever post!
This route is one of my personal favorite routes that Spirit flys IRL.
The sun in these photos was at the perfect angle, which really made the sky look like something straight out of some sort of Bob Ross painting.

Server: Expert


Flight Time: 2:35

Aircraft/Airline: Spirit A320

Rotating off of the runway at KFLL as the sun starts its decent!

Cruising westward as the sun hits the horizon which makes for a beautiful sunshot!

Finally landing in MGGT which is the best part about this flight because of the volcano that is very close to the airport, which makes for a stunning approach as the sunsets!

Thanks for viewing!


Pls lmk if I did anything wrong.

pics look amazing @Seth_N!

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Thanks, we’ll appreciated

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Love this Seth!! Amazing pictures!

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I just wish we also had the new livery… Great pictures, the last one looks magical!

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Amazing work!!!

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Thanks everyone, soo glad it did good for my first post. 😁

Me too, the banna bus would look so nice on the 320

I love No 3!

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Yesss! Me too, definitely my favorite!