Spirit of Delta 767-200

Delta’s first 767, dubbed the “Spirit of Delta!




All the way back in 1982, the airline industry was troubled by a week economy. After 35 profitable, straight years, Delta posted a Net loss. A way of showing these hard times, Delta employees started codename “Project 767” to raise money for Delta’s first 767. Led by 3 flight attendants, the project was an amazing, and inspiring way to raise $30 Million. On December 15, 1982, over 7,000 employees gathered at Delta’s Technical Operations Center, to show Delta’s first 767.

It flew for over 23 years, painted over an over in different liveries for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and Delta’s 75th Anniversary, to show Delta’s pride and culture. She retired on February 12, 2006.

Flight Museum, Delta. “Aircraft.” Delta’s Firsts in the Airline Industry , 2018, www.deltamuseum.org/exhibits/exhibits/aircraft/b-767-the-spirit-of-delta.


I would personally love this, as it is a very nice livery and a very nice backstory.

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