Spirit Expands In Newark With 2 New Flights To The West Coast

Spirit Expands In Newark With 2 New Flights To The West Coast


Spirit Airlines, the low cost US carrier will begin flights form Newark, New Jersey to Oakland and Los Angeles, CA. This news comes just after the two airlines, Frontier and Spirit, announced that they would merge.

On the flight to EWR, Spirit will leave LAX at 8:00 in the morning, and touch down at 4:25 in the afternoon.

For the return, Spirit will leave EWR at 5:25 in the evening, and land at 8:35 at night.

This flight will operate 1 time daily, and they will use A320NEOs. This service is interesting, since they just recently started service from LaGuardia (LGA) to Los Angeles (LAX). That service, however, is only on Saturdays.

In August, the airline will also commence service from Newark to Oakland. This one is more interesting, as this seems to be an indirect competition to Alaska, JetBlue, and United, who both fly to San Francisco. This service will start August 10. However, no times have been announced.


Those poor people :( I can’t imagine 6 hours in that seat

But I thought it was Sprintier. So there still operating? Oh Well.

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