Spirit Ends Talks With Frontier, JetBlue To Officially Acquire Spirit

Spirit Ends Talks With Frontier, Chooses To Make Deal With JetBlue Instead


JetBlue has won the spirit bid after the airline chose to end talks with Frontier Airlines. No information is yet provided on the deal that will progress. If the deal progresses, JetBlue will gain the A320NEO along with almost a doubling in fleet size.

Spirit Airlines will not be continuing talks with Frontier due to the backlash from its shareholders regarding the “less superior” offer.

The US government still must approve a merger between JetBlue and Spirit, which may be the biggest challenge. With this, JetBlue could become the 5th largest carrier in the United States.

“While we are disappointed that Spirit Airlines shareholders failed to recognize the value and consumer potential inherent in our proposed combination, the Frontier Board took a disciplined approach throughout the course of its negotiations with Spirit,” said William Franke

According to CNBC, “The termination of the Spirit-Frontier deal makes it easier to get to a takeover deal done with JetBlue, which is seeking to buy the budget airline outright for about $3.7 billion and refurbish its planes in JetBlue style, featuring seatback screens and legroom. Ongoing talks for a JetBlue takeover could still fall apart.”




Man, I almost feel bad for frontier, must be a disappointment. 😔


I will be interest in seeing how long this takes and what the final contracts and stipulations will be. It’s crazy that a LCC is merging with a decent airline. It will be also interesting to see what gates, routes, and layouts of aircraft they come to terms with.



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Sort of a misleading title, as you wrote talks with JetBlue will continue but they don’t have a deal yet. Only thing that happened is Frontier and Spirit cancelled the plan, but there’s nothing with JetBlue finalized yet. It’s just talks will continue but of course they can still fall apart.


This is huge! I hope jetBlue ditches AA (because they suck) and becomes a power to be reckoned with!!! I hope this will expand jetBlue while making it more operationally reliable.

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Frontier commented on this development, and while they definitely see this as a negative, they want to take advantage of their order book, and fly to new places to become the “ultra-ultra low cost carrier” in the country.

“As we continue to see a rebound in leisure travel, we have never been more confident in our strategy and prospects than we are today,” said Barry Biffle, President and CEO of Frontier. “Frontier remains America’s lowest-fare, lowest-cost airline that features the industry’s youngest, most fuel-efficient fleet, a robust order book, and a strong balance sheet. With the price-sensitive segment projected to grow, we are just getting started.”

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Very interesting, I really stuck to the name Sprontier but I guess I gotta call them SpretBlue this time :(

huh… that’s all I have to say, huh.

I guess JetBlue’s offer was just better. Interested to see what the final deal will entail…

bruh, what!? who’s thinking about the new name? 😂

unless there is no new name

It’s just generic liveries with out a title 😂
Now Boarding: ?


W for JetBlue on this one. This would be amazing for them


Wow 😮 that is very disappointing hear about frontier

But at the same time I am waiting to see what this has to offer for JetBlue and spirit which JetBlue is the only airline I fly with because my dad is a retired flight attendant for them and my cousin worked as a captain for them I can’t wait to hear the behind the scenes story’s from them and their thought and opinions as soon as I talk to them I will give an update if y’all even want one

Maybe the new name will be something like “Spiritual Blue Jetting”

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Its still kinda crazy to think even if JetBlue acquired Spirit, they would still only be the 5th largest airline in the US. 😂

I’m sure the merger is to increase JetBlue’s presence in smaller markets. Savvy Deal making at JB.

And don’t anybody feel sorry for Frontier either.

Owned by Private Hedge Fund Indigo Partners; they own Volaris, Frontier and Whizz. They are ruthless to their employees and horrific to their customers. Shame on them. Not the Proud Colorado, Employee Owned Frontier Airlines of yesteryear…


spiritjet sounds catchy