Spirit Airlines vs Ryanair

Ryanair is not a small airline

Flown both and they are not that bad. Both a good value. Vueling however, is truly horrific.


People who are used to flying legacy carriers and low cost carriers like Southwest and JetBlue (only referring to US carriers because I have no experience with European LCs) don’t understand the business model of ultra-low cost carriers. On average Spirit have the lowest ticket price, that’s all before adding baggage and seat fees.

I’ve flown Spirit many times and never had a bad experience with them.

I voted Ryanair because the flight prices, but come on… these are two different budget airlines with different styles of handling things. This is one of those Swiss 001 things that don’t look to much in depth of the two airlines. I’ve flown spirit and it was pretty nice as I was unaccompanied and the flight attendant was very nice to me and taught me how to play phase ten and stuff. You can’t beat some of those Ryanair prices though.

Here we go with the budget airline debates again… How can you even ask people to compare two airlines that aren’t even operating in the same continent? A very small percentage of people here have probably flown on both airlines enough to make an educated comparison. All we get is people talking about the one or two firm landings that some guy shot on a camera phone or whatever else gets said about them in the media or online. Its a pointless discussion in my book.

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Honestly I’ve never flown either of them, but since spirit has a TERIBLE paint schemes and flies those awful ugly A320/21 I voted that they were the worst. 😂😂

I haven’t flown with any of them either 😂
The only budget airline I’ve been on is Southwest Airlines. 😂

Anyways, I chose Spirit because it is a US carrier and I don’t think I would go RyanAir at all in my life since I don’t live in Europe and do not plan to take flights around Europe but rather their bullet trains.

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Unless you’re flying to the moon, I’m not sure where you’re flying Spirit for $400. Their prices, even with the added fees, are often lower compared to the legacies. You could fly Spirit FLL-PHL, a route served by AA (around $80) and jetBlue (around $75). A seat assignment on Spirit is $10, carry on is $20. Final price is $70. Calling their fares awful is simply false.

Booked a flight to Las Vegas with 8 hours notice last week. Non stop. I paid less than $300 round trip with spirit. Couldn’t ask for a better deal.

I usually just fly BOS to RSW with Spirit. Quick easy flight and I pay the $50 upgrade to get “The Big Front Seat”. I love it. No drinks or anything but earlier this year I paid $93 round trip, non stop. How do you beat that?


But that’s not what I mean I mean as in the lower end and by smaller I mean they are not as big as BA

To my fellow pilots,

I’m sorry if I caused a stir in the comments, and I understand that Swiss001 just doesn’t look into these airlines

It’s silly of me because I’ve never flown these carriers, it’s understandable if you have a different opinion on this topic, I only wanted to see people’s opinions on the two airlines, not saying that you’re only allowed to say only one certain thing

I should have thought twice before I made this discussion



No need to worry, the reality is Swiss001 just likes to stir up trouble, exaggerate things and as a result, attract attention. That’s basically what running a YouTube channel involves.

I don’t see why either of these airlines are so bad, seeing as you could be delayed for hours on United and receive absolutely shocking customer support. Then have a flight which is just like every other airline, often worse. Then miss your connecting flight. What could be worse?
(My experience by the way)


I never flown Ryanair, because I have chosen not to support the low cost trend in the European aviation industry. For me, good service like free meals and good customer service are worth the money I pay for a Lufthansa flight. Nevertheless Ryanair has a modern and young fleet of aircraft, pilots going through the same training as others in Europe. Every airplane could have the same issue with the cabin pressure, and when you operate 400+ aircraft, it will happen at some point. For everyone looking for a cheap fare on a point-to-point trip Ryanair is probably a good choice.

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This isnt a usefull treath. They both arent bad they bring you as safe as posible from A to B, Ryanair landings arent that bad. I flew them like 8 times never had a bad landing. Its just social media, Do you know how many flights Ryanair dos so some of them have bad landings but KLM can have bad landings to but less due to the flights KLM dos long flights and short ones and has 119 planes Ryanair has like 500 planes and more flights so it isnt weird.

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