Spirit Airlines vs Ryanair

It’s the long battle of the worst budget airlines in the world, which is the worst airline, Spirit or Ryanair?

Spirit is known for the worst prices and luggage fees
While Ryanair is known for their terrible landings and horrible fees

both photos are mine

Which one do you choose?

  • Ryanair
  • Spirit

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What do you mean by worst prices? A Spirit flight is not that expensive apart from the luggage and seat fees.


Well that’s kinda what I mean, because you pay the small price which look promising but you end up paying about 400 dollars extra, so overall that’s kinda what makes it look like an horribly expensive airline


Swiss001 memes are completely incorrect for Ryanair, it’s actually quite good for a budget airline. 20 bucks for a flight that doesn’t really have much BS with it, decent food (although overpriced) and many non stop flights!


That can be agreeable, but since when would Ryanair do flights across Europe, and they would include stopovers?

I know the Swiss001 memes of Ryanair are dead now, but I still believe that both Spirit and Ryanair have terrible ways of flight, but now I kinda have an understanding of both airlines having a good side, but that’s really rare for a budget airline


I disagree that Ryanair is bad. Yes, it is definitely worse than the legacy carriers, but IMO it’s the one of the best budget carriers out there, behind Jetblue in the US and Jet2 in Britain.

I respect that opinion, but in reality the best budget airline is Jetstar

Never been down where they serve, but I’ll sure check out a trip report from them.

Spirit got voted more because there are a bunch of americans out there. Ryanair is alot better than Spirit, Spirit is even more dirty than Ryanair!

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I don’t like the fact that people put hate on the airlines because there both good airlines plus they do the same thing and that’s transporting people. Spirt is not dirty and Ryanair is not dirty sometimes it might not be great but at least they take you on holiday.

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Very well agreed. Swiss001 is just mocking every single airline he finds.

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While I can’t apeak for spirit airlines since I’ve never flown on them I can say thatRyanair isn’t a bad airline at all. In all their years operating they’ve had to serious emergency landings where a total of 10 passengers were hospitalized from both landings. The first one was due to a bird strike. The landing is definitely going to be hard if birds have hit your undercarriage. Their second emergency landing where people were hospitalized was quite recent where they had a cabin pressure issue.

For normal days where their landings might have been hard you have to take in to Account the weather, the pilot experience and the runway conditions. If the pilot is just after finishing his training and he’s about to land the real thing, it probably won’t be the smoothest landing you’ve ever seen.

Now you still could say their cabin service is terrible and I can agree there but that’s down to the fact you’re paying €20 to fly across Europe. What do you expect? A free 5 course meal produced by a 5 star restaurant?

All these “memes” by Swiss001 have given people the worst views of these airlines.


I agree. It’s not funny with all these memes and etc. I paid just under £300 for my flight but at least I got to my destination safely plus the new cabin is really nice! Also Ryanair Is actually one of the safest airlines in the world. Also a hard landing is not a bad landing if you saw a Emirates A380 do a hard landing you would not say anything would you because it’s a high class airline but if you see a Ryanair land everyone goes crazy with it. Finally if you are wanting to be a airline pilot you probably would start with the smaller airlines then progress.


In my opinion correct me if I am wrong but Ryanair seems to be pretty successful although it may have so bad sides to it. Non aviation geeks just want to get to point to point so it may not be so as bad to them but for aviation geeks it may be pretty bad for them

Ryanair was one of the most improved airlines on skytrax or whatever that ranking thing is called for 2017

I agree, but the fees will get you, and the seats are bad, according to my freind who flies them often.

You are getting what you pay for, if you want luxury go ahead and pay hundreds of euros for a better seat. For short hops its a perfectly fine seat.

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Yeah, it’s fine for the price, again you get what you pay for, for 20 bucks don’t expect JetBlue legroom

Nothing wrong with Ryanair. You get what you pay for. Don’t expect the same service as premium carriers when the price was the same as you spent on the airport for a coffee.

And the landings is not Ryanairs fault, it’s the crappy Boeing planes.

For me that spirit doesnt get on time to the destinations and they arrive late.