Spirit Airlines Virtual Official Thread

Hello everyone, today is the official Launch of Spirit airlines virtual.
I am the CEO and we are proud to begin operations and Hire pilots, so come Join us Today.
32b4e98789ebf16b8c243baa0202b22d7fff70d8 We are now cleared for operations By the IFVARB.

Welcome to the official Thread For Spirit Airline’s Virtual
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Here at Spirit Airline’s Virtual our goal is to be realistic, fun and professional at all times, also we hope we can be active with events and other fun things like competitions every week for our Pilots.

Here Spirit Airline’s Virtual Our Mission is to give the pilot’s of infinite flight community a Realistic, Fun and Professional experience flying our livery with an Airbus a320 family based fleet.

We are currently still preparing our global routes for the you view so those are being worked on, while talking about global we will operate routes out of 3 regions until global releases.

As it says in Our Mission that we Aim to be realistic and we are serious about that, In effort to give everyone a realistic experience with Spirit Airline’s Virtual we have implemented a Flight bidding system and a Crew Scheduling Department.
View " A little about Crew Scheduling " For more info ☺

This may be Spirit Virtual but all that is free

In the future we will open More Staff Position’s
All positions have been filled

Current Executive staff members

CEO and Head of Crew Scheduling: @LGAspotter
Route advisor: @W4RRI0R
Chief Operating Officer: @Lucas_Dominguez
Event manager: Open position
Staff manager and Co-CEO: @Coolman
Slack Moderator: @Samuel_Szeto

Staff Inactivity

Here at Spirit virtual our goal is to be as realistic as Possible.
We take in-active staff seriously and can result in being Fired.
We understand that you may go on vacation or become ill, so we will assign people ( other staff ) your position as backup person. The backup person will take your position for as long as you may be gone as well as still do their original position.
To prevent any trouble if you know you will be in-active please let @LGAspotter, @Coolman or @Lucas_Dominguez Know VIA DM on the slack so we know.
Any questions on this please feel free to ask.

How we Handle it
First when we notice a member has become in-active we will send a DM trying to figure out what the reason is… If you are vacationing or something like that, no problem we will just remind you to tell us next time. If it is that you were in-active without reason the PM will be your 1st and only warning.
If it continue’s after the warning a 2 Day VA suspension follows. If it happens again then you will be immediately suspended for the time being until your punishment Has been determined and the punishment can be from Removal to Demotion.

We hope this never has to happen but Here at Spirit Airlines Virtual Since our goal is realism Staff In-Activity is Just A big No-No

Our Crew Schedulers ARE considered Staff For Our Airline


Our fleet here at Spirit Airline’s Virtual is an all Airbus a320 family Fleet That we think our pilot’s will enjoy.

The aircrafts are
Airbus a319 Generic
Airbus a320 Spirit
Airbus a321 Generic

We hope you enjoy flying our fleet of aircrafts.

Safe flights👩🏼‍✈️👨🏻‍✈️

For our fleet we also have a training program being created by our COO @Lucas_Dominguez

For our Airline’s communication we use slack, We hope all of you can join the slack team when invited.

Routes and Ranks

Pre global
South Florida

New York


Trainee 0-9 hours
First Officer 10-24 hours
Senior first officer 25-49 hours
Captain-50-99 hours
Senior captain 100-174 hours
Trainer 175+ hours

Since here at Spirit Airline’s Virtual we have a small fleet of aircrafts all pilots may operate any aircraft on any route.

Sales Department

Here at Spirit we are persistent in attempts to be realistic and we are implementing a Sales department to Monitor and Document our VA income so at the end of the month and year we know how much money our VA has brought in.
For those of you who might want to know more here is some examples of what we will be doing.

In case any of you are wondering, A BFS is a Big Front Seat.
Spirit’s equivalent of an economy plus seat.

Interested in joining the team?
Join Here


Join Us
Interested in joining the Fun with Spirit Virtual as a pilot?
Apply Here

Interested in becoming staff of spirit virtual?
Apply Here

Interested in joining the sales department, Counting our income?
I hope you like math, If you do why not join Us

Interested in helping with assigning routes to pilots?, That’s our Crew Scheduling department, Interested in joining?
Crew Scheduling application
Want to know more about what Crew Scheduling does?
See the Next summary drop down.


A little about Crew Scheduling

Crew Scheduling
Our Crew Scheduling Department members are
LGAspotter Supervisor

What do we do?
The Crew Scheduling Department are the people that choose what route you get when you bid for a route, Crew Scheduling is also the people that would help the pilot if they don’t get a route to find another date for you to operate the route you want to operate.

Interested in joining Crew Scheduling?
Join Here
Any Questions,
Please feel free to contact any of our staff.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy our presence on here as an airline.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Ordtraveller@gmail.com.

View our website Here⬇

Here at Spirit Virtual we understand that without pilots we aren’t a VA so This is OUR Virtual Airline.
So If you have any suggestions or idea’s for Spirit Airlines Virtual please fill out a form about your idea to make everyone’s experience with Spirit Virtual More Realistic.

Spirit airlines Virtual is a fictional airline all logos used go to their respective owners. We are no way affiliated with the real Spirit airlines

And finally if you have the time we would love for you to tell us what you look for in a VA.
You do not have to join us to fill out this form.


Stay tuned to this thread for any new things in the Virtual Airline.


Best of luck from the Qatar Virtual Team!

Stephen Michael
COO Qatar Virtual Group


Just applied for Slack manager, hopefully not too much going on with my other VA waiting to be approved.

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Thanks for applying! I’ll check your application now.


what form did you apply to?
what was the name, sorry.

Oh, I applied for slack manager, you guys also sent me an email about another form even though I already filled it out?

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that was you.
please pm me

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Well, I hope for the best with you guys. A small aircraft base but I have every faith that you lot will be able to make something of it


I was expecting halfway through the post for it to say ‘insert card for all information at $3.50’

Nice looking airline! :)


Probably the most detailed thread I’ve seen in a while. Looks like a great VA!! Congrats. Best of luck from the IFATS Team.


@oscar_mur @thomas-ohara and @Kirito_77
thank you for the kind words :)
If you want you can apply…
We’d love to have all of you as Our pilots.

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For Other Virtual airlines we are open to partnerships ,so if interested please send me a PM.

Typo ;)

“has to happen”

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Best of luck from EasyJet Virtual Airlines!


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Our First event has been Scheduled
It is a recruitment event, Make sure to sign up and spread the word.
See’ya There

Good evening everyone, I want to make an nnouncement in regards to my VA and Global.
So We will now have new Global Pilot requirements ( Will take effect when global is 100% released to everyone ).
When global Is FULLY released to everyone, We will terminate our Pre-Global Region Routes.

The new pilot requirements.

  • All pilots must purchase a Live pro subcription
  • All pilots must File a flight bid for Crew Scheduling to View and assign the route and/or Legs
  • All pilots must Log flights of the route given by Crew Scheduling for the right Flight Hours, If a pilot does a route crew scheduling didn’t assign Its will be marked in-valid

Wondering what Crew Scheduling is?
View our Website Here or apply directly from Here

Thank you from the Spirit Airlines Virtual Crew Scheduling Department.

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I had a friend who ran this before he got banned.
Happy to see Spirit VA staying up.


Also I wanted to announce we have officially completed our global route database.
For our database We Used Airtable,

Big thanks to @W4RRI0R as he is our route manager who did our routes very fast, As soon as we hired him He got to work.
I appreciate his Dedication to this VA and I love having him on our team and for our future staff and pilots i hope you do to.
So Big thanks to @W4RRI0R for all his hard work.

For now we will Only let people in our VA see the routes but that may change.

Thank you for stopping by, Sincerely Spirit airlines virtual team


i would love to join delta wouldnt take me LOLOL

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you are welcome to join us.
Your choice.
safe landings