Spirit Airlines Virtual flies to Denver @ KASE - 252100ZFEB17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Denver (Sorry it’s not a free region)


Time: 2100Zulu (15:00CST)

NOTAM: Hey guys, we’re back again and Spirit Virtual has decided to expand again to Denver this will bring new routes and extra demand and aviation enthusiasts as you will fly through the mountains of Denver and have an amazement of a time and you will see tricky approaches and many more things like that! So where will we be flying? We will start as Aspen (KASE) then go to Colorado Springs (KCOS) for a touch and go then go and land at Denver (KDEN) follow me to the gates and I will be the event leader so follow me and make sure to maintain safe separation between aircraft.

Route information: KASE-KCOS, Altitude 16000ft, Speed 230
KCOS-KDEN, Altitude 9000ft, Speed 235
That will be information please don’t go over any of these.

We will have ATC and I will be doing it.

This is for the first flight plan depending on the weather.

This is for second flight plan depending in the weather again/

South hangar 1: @Captain_Brenneman
South hangar 2: @Avation360
South hangar 3: @Collin_Mihalovich
South hangar 4:
Terminal gate 1:
Terminal gate 2:
Terminal gate 3:
Terminal gate 4:

There is only a limited number of gates and some may not be near each other so be warned you maybe on your own.

Join here:

Like to our main thread:

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Forgot the website link http://spiritairline.weebly.com/ @Captaink

I would like south hangar 2

I would like a gate or hanger please

Okay your gates are down just remember the event is next Saturday

Can I be one of the lucky ones to get a gate please


You can sign m up. I would like to join.

Can I have terminal gate 1

Can I have a gate please, and what aircraft is it?

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