Spirit Airlines Signs MoU For 100 A320neo Family Aircraft

U.S. budget carrier Spirit Airlines is close to agreeing a provisional deal to order as many as 100 single-aisle aircraft worth up to $12 billion at recent catalogue prices from Airbus, industry sources said.

  • Per the Wiki, Spirit currently has 138 aircraft with 31 A319s, 64 A320s, 13 A320neos, (55 on order) and 30 A321s.
  • In August, the airline said it was looking at both the Airbus single-aisle A321neo jet or a Boeing alternative to fuel its growth.

Thoughts? Could we see them order the A220? CoUlD tHeY oRdEr tHe A330nEo?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see an order for A321XLR aircraft, which would allow them to launch thinner Deep South American

Let’s see how many seats they can squeeze in.


Good for them! Best budget airline I’ve ever traveled on.

Customer service in the other hand… Yah…


Excuse me but have you heard of Southwest 😉?

Anyways I always love seeing large orders


Have flown on SWA a few times, and they are not exactly a “low cost” airline anymore. I’ve seen Delta and American with cheaper fares than southwest.


Why, yes I have. I travel on them almost exclusively. That’s said…

Show me where I can fly on them for $32 roundtrip anywhere in the US and I will delete my comment ;)


Let me elaborate on why Budget airlines order so many planes in one go.

If you were to order a large amount of aircraft, you can get a bulk discount. Say you are like at Costco, you get a discount because you are buying in bulk. The same goes for aircraft, if you are to buy a heck ton of aircraft, you get a bulk discount. When Ryanair started, the world was recovering from 9/11. Flying was falling out of fashion due to this. So what did Ryanair do? They hit up Boeing and bought almost 200 aircraft at a discounted price. The same went with Spirit and Airbus. They then set up deals with the aircraft makers for large order discounts, therefor making it cheaper in the long run to buy that many aircraft.

So essentially, this is aircraft Costco. Ironic, because I live in Washington.

hah! Southwest is a sham! They’re more expensive than the legacy carriers.


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Lol 😂😂😂 that’s too funny

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Everyone’s “beloved” southwest is just as shady as the rest of them. Not to mention the annoying boarding process. Spirit is the way to go!

I frankly am more of an Alaska person myself.

Not necessarily, i have noticed that spirit has a lot of hidden charges that comers with baggage and stuff like that.

That’s pretty much every budget airline. Puts more money in their pockets. Greedy little budget airlines.

It differs for some, that is just something that i have noticed

I know, WOW air had no hidden charges, as does Southwest, or WizzAir. Those airlines tend to actually be budget airlines. True to their name.

NK doesn’t really have hidden charges per say, as long as you your eyes and read their policy. Sure you’re going to pay extra for a checked bag and to have your boarding pass printed at the airport, but that information isn’t hidden.

I fly PHX-PDX once a month, and have been since August 2012. As much as I enjoy the magic that is flying I have no loyalty to any airline, when US Airways was around (bring back the A321 in the game btw) I flew them the most but also flew Alaska, Delta, Spirit and Southwest. On this route Southwest has always been the most expensive, the few times I’ve flown them it was simply because I had no other choice. I think they’re overrated and the boarding process is silly, I like knowing I can be the last person one the plane without being stuck in a middle seat.

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Update: Spirit signs memorandum of understanding for 100 Airbus A320neo family aircraft


  • Spirit has signed an MoU for 100 A320neo family aircraft, including A319neos, A320neos, and A321neos.
  • Currently unspecified how many of each aircraft will be ordered.
  • The airline has an option for 50 additional aircraft.
  • The ordered aircraft is planned to be delivered through 2027.
  • Unspecified version for the A321neo, whether it be the regular neo, LR, or XLR.
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Thanks for always keeping us updated on the newest Av News! Much appreciated

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