Spirit Airlines - Is it really THAT bad?

Hello everyone!

I recently flew Spirit Airlines to ORD from IAH (and back). It was a day spotting trip with @Aaron_Murray.

I’ll start with the story.

So we flew the early flight out of IAH which departed around 6AM. The aircraft was coming from Las Vegas, and it was on time. The airplane got to the gate, and everything was fine. We boarded on time, and departed. The flight was what you can expect. You have to pay for food…But the air fare was only $109 dollars which is super cheap. We didn’t have any bags because it was a day trip. So the cart came by, a few people bought stuff, but we bought ours in the terminal. We arrived in ORD 30 minutes early, which was good for us. Got off the flight, and took the bus to the rent a car place. Overall, for the ticket price, it was an amazing flight.


This is based on the price of the ticket, which was $109 round trip

Comfort: 7/10
Timing: 10/10
Cabin: 10/10
Seat: 7/10
Crew: 9/10
Service: 8/10

Yes, this is actually what I give this airline. It was well worth the price.

How to avoid high costs

  • Book your bags in advance
  • Check In Online
  • Try sharing bags
  • Don’t reserve seats
  • Don’t get any add ons
  • Make sure you bag is not overweight

In all honesty, you should not fly this airline if you have a family with you. It is perfect for day travel and not long term travel.


It is not as bad as you think. It is basically an airline where you get what you pay for. Do everything online, and you should be able to avoid high cost.


(Expect ORD spotting pics soon)


Rode with them on their A321, and my only complaint was that their seats are a bit cramped. Very good service for their price point.


Welp, they do say the more seats the less cost it is…which is true.

I went unaccompanied on them a couple years ago and they were really great, especially the attendants!

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Good review and good job with the context. We all frequently hear horror stories about them, but because of how you laid it out as better for one type of travel rather than the broad all air travel in general makes it possible to highlight positive notes. Good topic!


The plane coming from LAS must’ve departed around 2 or 3 am for it to arrive around 5 am… something ain’t right

Never flown on Spirit myself, but my opinion on low-cost carriers is that you have to set your expectations properly. If you want a more enjoyable experience, you have to pay for it. That’s just how it is.

From my experience, too many overlook the fact that low-cost carriers are providing a low-cost ticket (compared to other airlines), and are sacrificing privileges such as seat reservation and free snacks to do so.


I have never flown Spirit. In fact, my only near low-cost experience was Sky Airline a couple of years ago. However, in 2 months I will be flying EasyJet as my first real LCC experience. The flight will be LGW-SXF, and I really don’t know what to expect. I don’t expect much, though.
But I think that, for an avgeek, it really doesn’t matter if the seats are a bit uncomfortable or the tray tables don’t work. What matters is…you know, the plane stuff.

Spirit runs weird hours from LAS.

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True. As long as I get the window I’m fine haha.

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I agree. I would so pay $100 less dollars to fly somewhere without reserving a seat or free snacks.

I love spirit Airline’s flight crew, just lovely people.
With me being skinny and medium height i love their seats.

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It’s an airline that is you get what you pay for. You get cheap. I think spirit isn’t the best, but at least it’s better than RyanAir

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Even Ryanair isn’t that bad. Again, it’s a case of you get only what you pay for.

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Yeah. IMO, low-cost carriers aren’t the best. Like @Henrik said, if you want a more enjoyable experience, you have to pay for it.

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Flew with spirit on the KEWR-KFLL and they had a new A321 it was a great flight and I don’t know why so many people complain about spirit also the crew was nice and helpful as well great airline in my opinion

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The crew is pretty much great. They average, not uptight, people.

True. People don’t get it. If you complained on emirates, I would understand. But spirit isn’t something to complain about, because you get what you pay for 😂


While I don’t like Spirit, I have to admit both Spirit and Frontier are grouped into the same category and considered “bad” because of their pricing and such. But really, they are excellentin service and prices if you know how to handle them in a smart way.

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I guess its based on your experience and I believe we need a bigger sample size because the are way worse than you show them to be.

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