Spirit Airlines Gets WiFi?

My Words: I will be honest this is the last thing I ever expected from Spirit besides offering complimentary snacks. Of all the airlines to not have WiFi currently, Spirit decided to get it? That just blows my mind. I’d have thought Frontier or even Allegiant would have gotten it above Spirit. What are your thoughts on this? To me this is mind blowing. It will have a huge affect on travelers flying low cost. More people will Ararat flying NKS over F9 and G4. I mean who doesn’t want low fares and WiFi?
Sure it’ll cost but what airline doesn’t charge for WiFi exudes JetBlue?


I think its a great marketing plan. By offering wifi (either free or for a small charge), it will get more people flying Spirit. Even if Spirit offers a plan where you only get a small amount of data free of charge, it will still make people use that service, thus increasing the amount of people flying with Spirit.

Norwegian here in Europe have a similar plan, where you get free wifi and Norwegian is considered to be one of the better low cost carriers in Europe.


This is great for buissness in my opinion. Last thing people want is in flight snacks. In flight WiFi is good for the publicity and improving then image of the airline to get that type of installment. That or they want people on their devices while Spirit flies “the friendly skies” .

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You both make good points. I know more people are going to fly NKS now that they have WiFi. That’s why I’m afraid for o Frobtiers behalf. But Spirit definitely took the news with this move. I’ll be following it closely

This makes sense to me, especially them doing it before other budget airlines. Spirit Airlines has the newest fleet in the United States, with the average age of their planes coming in at an impressive 6.6 years old. (source: https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/07/03/average-fleet-age-of-the-10-major-us-airlines.aspx). Competition is alive and well in US aviation, and I love this move by Spirit.

That being said, their Wifi will most likely cost $77 to connect and $5 per minute afterwards…

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Actually a flat fee of $6.50 for basic WiFi.

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Oh sweet they’ll have dial-up modems


Really where did you find that? I’ve been trying to find a price

Lol you can joke but the truth of the matter is that NKS is getting WiFi first. That blows my mind

Well thats what I was saying. Jokes aside, Spirit is the newest fleet in the US, so their planes are more easily equiped with Wifi. It most likely costs them less to add Wifi to their planes than Allegiant, for example.

Knowing Spirit, their wi-fi will probably make McDonald’s wi-fi look fast


It was on the article

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Considering how new Spirit’s fleet is, I surprised they didn’t do it earlier. The cost of installing the wifi will probably easily be made up in the gains they get.

You guys are making really good points. I didn’t even think about the newness of their fleet equallying cheaper installation over say G4. Hopefully, F9 installs them soon too since they have a somewhat new fleet.

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Lol thanks man haha I must have looked that over.

Frontier has the 2nd newest fleet in the US, so I would expect a move from them soon to compete with this addition at Spirit. It might not necessarily be Wifi, but they’ll have to find a way to compete.

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This is a nice touch from Spirit!

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Dude I’m so excited now! With this new competition Frotier has to release something new. Thank you for making my day! I’m going to be watching this and I hope Frontier comes out with something at least somewhat amazing!!!

I agree :) I might try them again

As long as it works for them. Let’s see what this brings to the passengers.