Spirit Airlines A321 dumbo livery

The livery I am requesting is this

Credits go Jetphotos taken by HA-KLS
This is Spirit Airlines Dumbo livery in honor of the new Dumbo movie
I think this is a cool livery because of how they moved the airline name and shrank it
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Due to Disney and all of their copyright laws, I highly doubt we will see this livery in Infinite Flight.


Yes that is a factor that I thought about too I just think it’s a cool livery

Then unfortunately this shouldn’t be in #features

Because it cannot be added seeing as Disney is strict about their rights


But it might not be implemented into the game because of copyright.

If I remember correctly, it still technically falls under fair use; that’s how we can have as many liveries that we have in the simulator. However, it is rumored that Disney can be a bit more aggressive with their content and is simply something that isn’t worth the resources to acquire.

There have been other similar livery requests such as the ANA BB-8 livery.

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