Spirit Airlines A320 (2014 Yellow Livery)

On terrible Facebook memes.


Going to bump this and leave a vote, there are currently many liveries being added it seems (mostly top requested) but i’m hoping this livery can be added and replace the current Primary Colors livery!


I prefer the banana bus rather than the skittle livery.

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Same here, there’s only a few liveries operating in the older livery. Bananabus is much more often now!

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This is a much needed livery. Spirit has some great short routes!

The current registration in infinite flight (N619NK) has been repainted to the yellow livery

Hopefully we can get the new livery soon!


Love to see this happen… and have both options for barefare and skittles 🟡⚫️ 🔴🔵


This is the Spirit Of Flying!


The banana bus… We need to replace the old livery with this one. Clearing a vote for this!


Gotta bump into this one more time, the banana bus needs more attention!! Spirit Airlines is one of the biggest ultra lowcost airlines in United States, and now all of their aircrafts are wearing the yellow livery! Time for the A320 to change it’s clothes!


We definitely need this livery in the sim! Gave it a +1 vote to bump this up! Hopefully we’ll get to see it on the sim some day.

They still have a couple of white ones but most are yellow and I really like the yellow one a lot more and it is more unique

giving this a bump, this has to be added soon it’s honestly ridiculous when you think about the liveries that haven’t been added to the game yet, and this is one of them. voted.

Such a popular livery. Honestly surprised that it wasn’t added by now.

We need to bump this. This livery is flown all over the US and is widely known all over.