Spirit Airlines A320 (2014 Yellow Livery)

Hello, the other topics are a few months old so I thought I’d create this one. So I want to request that the FDS add this plane as it is iconic and very nice.

Photo: Andres Ochoa


Really no need as it is still technically open , if everyone requested the liveries that where , " a few months old" then we would probably run out of space. Rather continue the discussion in the OPEN relevant thread … :)

Spirit A320

Spirit A320 NEO


It looks like a banana


I love this livery! Wait, where is Gru and his Minions? ;-)


I’ll have my topic closed. It hasn’t had much activity for a while.


Yes, but it’d then be closed for necroposting…

Not really , your showing support for a livery you want. Just because the conversation has died out , doesn’t mean it has been closed for good. :)


Oh good god…the banana of it all lol. Nice request. Personally it would make flying more realistic if this yeller bird was flying around. I see them a lot in real life. But can anyone truly like that yellow color? There’s a reason I’ve heard ATC in real life rer to them as “a banana”.

Listening to FR24 I Heard This Convo:
“American XXX give way to the banana off to your left, taxi MikeAlpha then AlphaAlpha and contact Ramp 121.850 gooday”.


I like the livery colour as it is iconic and infamous.

Please argue elsewhere not on this post thanks

We should definite have this livery in IF :)

can we getb this livery for the a320 soon?
We need more Spirit in infinite flight


As the current Spirit Airlines livery is only available for the A321, and the used Spirit Airlines livery for the A320 is no longer used, then the current livery of the Spirit Airlines has to be added now. It might be added once the A320 (all variants) are updated.

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I had to remove a vote for this livery. Much needed and really bright. Would love to fly the current livery for Spirit on the A320. +1 vote :)

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I do think that since IF has been adding liveries to the a320 the past updates, that this needs to be a new livery on the a320 for the next update. Unfortunately I do not have enough votes to vote for this.

I would love to see these two on IF.



Got my vote. I would love to fly the new Spirit livery on the A320

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AS much I like the old livery this one could be great to add

Gonna give this the bump

As the CEO of spirit virtual, I have to vote for this and idk why I didn’t vote for this a long time ago. Voted!


We should keep voting for this plane. Because I would also want to see this on 21.1 update