Spirit Airlines A320-200 Tripreport

Welcome guys to an another trip report on August 9th I had a connection at LAX coming back home from vacation, this is the 2nd flight of that trip. Without further ado let’s get started.

Flight Info:
Aircraft/Livery: Spirit Airlines A320-200 (N622NK)
Route: LAX-IAH (Los Angeles —> Houston)
Flight Number: NK1265
Flight time: 3 hours

Here I boarded the aircraft taking me to Houston, sitted in 3F, if you look closely you can see us getting fuel for the 3 hour journey

We pushed back and then on our way to runway 25R for departure

We taxied all the way to the end of 25R and then took off and entered the clouds, today the clouds were low

I got spotted by LA FLIGHTS!!

We used the Sid DOTSS2 and in the distance there you can see Santa Catalina Island!

I enjoyed the views as we flew over Southern California on this beautiful clear day!

Who would’ve knew Spirit had Wi-Fi, for the price of $11.99 I was able to purchase the browsing option and track my flight!

We entered right downwind runway 26L and I was able to Houston Bush airport where I’ll be landing soon

We made it to Houston, got this picture as I was getting off the plane.

Had to be sure we made it home, lol.

Thank you so much for your time and readings this hope you enjoyed this trip report, have a good day or night!

Flight Rating:
Seats: 4/10 (pretty uncomfortable but again it’s a low cost airline)
Crew: 10/10 they had a smile on their face the whole flight and genuinely seemed to be enjoying their job!
Food/drink: 0/10 didn’t want to order from their expensive menu but yeah
Landing: 6/10 was pretty hard but hard landing can be for different reasons so as long as all passengers walked away safely, that’s good.
Wi-Fi: 7/10 Well with the browsing option you can’t really do much but luckily Flightradar24 was working and the loading speeds were actually not bad.


Awesome report! So cool that you got spotted! :)

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So did I 2 weeks ago.

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That’s awesome, it’s really nice being spotted by others.

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