Spirit Airlines A319

Credit goes to Wilfredo Torres | Personal Gallery | Planespotters.net

Bump so we can complete Spirit’s fleet with the A319

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This is a great request, as this aircraft operates a decent amount of routes in Spirit. I’m unfortunately out of votes, but this has my support.

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Bumping this baby banana plane livery too

This is the definition of yellow bus

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Keeping this thing alive

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Yeah keep it going we need this livery

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Need more votes for this!

Yes we do. Hopefully both the 319 and 320 come soon.

Nah we need the 320 more than the 319.

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Agreed, but both would be great!

Agreed. I’ll be coming into HOU in 45 minutes. Thanks for controlling!

Who were you lol? I kept losing planes.

I think a different controller was on when I flew in. I was ExecJet 746 coming from Deer Lake.

come on we can do this lets bump tis up we need this livery

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Hey we got the Yellow A320!! This one is next next.


When will it be released?

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The only way I can fly spirit without being triggered by the appalling Sharklet angles

Voted. A must have for the sim. Who doesn’t like the banana bus?