Spirit Airlines A319 (2000 Livery)

Photo not mine.
I think we should have this on the a319:)


Love how it’s cubed!


More low cost carriers!


I knew Spirit isn’t the best airline in the world, but it was one of the first airlines I remember flying on.

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Let’s bring this topic back! Vote for spirit A319!


Yes we need it if there was an americas next top airplane model it would win

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With the recent announcement of the A321 in taxi yellow livery, and already having the A320 in blue and white livery, I felt it was fitting to bump this request. The A319, in grayscale livery, is the last member of the Spirit fleet, and the airline’s third livery. I regularly see all three aircraft types and liveries here in Florida, and each is different and unique. Including this livery on the A319 would make the Spirit family complete, and add realism to the sim.

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It’s like Spirit sponsored Minecraft


Omg man.😂😂😂 It looks like that as well!

Ummm… There’s no point on telling him that as he made this feature request about 2 years ago and the last time he was on the forum was a month ago.

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Tbh after seeing the yellow school bus on the A321, I kinda want to see it on the A320 and A319, call me crazy… it’s just different! reality is all the A/C at NK will be in the yellow at some point, unless they change it again!

I will say, I have flown on this livery, and it is ugly as ****!! No thank you.

Yeah, I have to agree!
Same with the “Taxicab” too! (They’re both ugly as hell)

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This is a livery that I would like to see added to IF. We already have 2/3 aircraft that Spirit has, why not finish the fleet!

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I don’t know why they didn’t keep this livery. It looked better than the banana bus one.

Oh my gosh it looks like a plane that has just come out the factory with no paint on it…


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We def need this livery

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We need to get this added! Voted!


Love this livery!

very cool livery I would love to see spirit on more planes