Spirit Airlines "15$ Roundtrip!" That's a lie

Hey ya! First post of 2024, so let’s start off the new year good by doing a trip report. I haven’t done one in a while and I have been wanting to do one so lets goo!

Reminder please don’t get offended by anything as it is all just a joke :)

Airline & Aircraft: Spirit Airlines - Airbus A320-200
Route: Newark, New Jersey - Orlando, Florida
Server: Expert

Good early early early morning from Newark Liberty Airport! I have a very early flight to catch down to Orlando today. I was going to fly United but decided to fly Spirit as I have yet to fly with them. While looking for flights an AD had appeared from Spirit and the main headline said “15$ round trip from Newark to Orlando!”. So of course I clicked on the AD. I chose my destination and departure airport and proceeded. I found my flight which was scheduled to leave Newark at 5:30am EST and arrive at Orlando around 7:45am. Perfect that is exactly what I needed. So I went ahead and booked the flight but before paying I noticed instead of that 15$ deal the flight itself was going to cost 45$. So I got a bit sketched out and proceeded. THEN I had to add my carry on… now if it wasn’t the size that it needed to be I would be charged an extra something amount of money. So after putting all my information in I ended up having to pay about 189$ roundtrip. So much for that 15$ deal… C’mon Spirit.
Anyways here we are present. Currently inside the Jet bridge at Terminal A gate 14. We boarded on time which I was glad about and I got into my seat and sat my fluffy self down. The legroom wasn’t bad but it was if that makes sense. Even if it doesn’t were gonna pretend like it does okay? Okay. Since this was an early morning flight I didn’t have to worry about some knucklehead sitting next to me. Actually next to me, behind me and in front of me. So yeah that was quite the time. Were sitting on the plane for about 15 or so minutes and I finally see the jet bridge leave the aircraft. So I put my earbuds in a put some music and closed my eyes and prepared myself for the trip. 10 minutes later we still haven’t pushed back yet. The Pilot comes over the PA and says that there is a malfunction with the aircrafts door and that we will need to wait until a mechanic can come to our aircraft which can take about 20-30 minutes. I was mad but it wasn’t too bad. So I closed my eyes and relaxed. I wake up and I realize the sun is up. It’s fully daylight. I look at my phone and the time says “11:23am”. I open my window and realize WERE STILL AT THE DANG GATE. IM LIKE “HOLD UP YOU ARE TELLING ME THIS WHOLE TIME I WAS ASLEEP WE ARE STILL PARKED HERE??” I had asked the FA as to why we were still here and she said that the mechanic was just now arriving. I had also asked her why she never woke me up and this little… never mind that’s mean, but she said “Well you looked cozy and peaceful even though you were drooling. I didn’t want to disturb you.” Oh yeah she said that with a big smile too. So great, my trip is going amazing. Yes the mechanic arrived and we were finally able to leave the gate. Totally didn’t leave almost 5 HOURS LATE. So we casually pushback 5 hours or so late, totally not a huge deal. We taxiied out to runway 4L which was quite quick since we were at Terminal A.

We took off and had a nice view of EWR. I don’t fly into or out of EWR much but I might start, it’s a nice airport. I love the way the terminals are made. Some are circular and some are not. It’s a cool airport. We went just to 34,000ft today and then snack and drink service started. Since I was towards the middle of the plane I didn’t have to wait long luckily. Then I saw miss hokey pokey waddle her way down to the isle and ask me if I wanted anything to which I said yes and I asked for a Water and some pretzels. She then proceeds to tell me they were out and I mumbled “yeah probably because you ate them all.” Sadly she didn’t hear that. Anyways I just got my water because I was craving them pretzels but someone decided to not share today.

Just before our descent started I decided to check out the bathroom on board and oh my that was the biggest regret in my life. I thought the FA was bad but oh no, not compared to this bathroom. This thing stunk so bad it made me want to jump out of this plane without a parachute. I’ve never smelled something worse. It was worse than my Gran-Daddies pits on a Sunday night. When I opened the toilet I no longer had to use the restroom because I had just done it in my pants. Okay no I really didn’t but I didn’t have to urinate anymore. Not sure how that is possible but it was. So I went back to my seat and little miss piggy from the muppets waddles her way down the isle to tell me that I need to put my tray table away as we were starting our descent into Orlando. So I followed commands like a soldier would for there command sergeant and did as I was told.

Oh ya see that? That is called “Infinite Flight Graphics”. Okay no offense my apologies. But that is also known as Orlando International Airport. I love MCO it’s always been a favorite airport of mine. It’s so spread out and I love that feature about it. Sadly not much happened when we landed or anything, we just landed a bit early but it was good. Way better than when I flew American. Not sure how that works but it sure did.

Well that wraps up our journey on Spirit Airlines today. I arrived quite late and I was pretty mad about that but you get what you pay for. I see why they have an AD for 15$ now. That lie is probably one of the worsts one I’ve heard. Worse than when my dad told me I wasn’t his kid. But anyways that’s for another time. Overall Spirit isn’t that bad. You just have to be prepared for long delays or any issues with anything. Including them FA’s. Next airline to check out will be Sun Country! I’m quite excited for this one as I will be going up to Minneapolis to visit a good friend of mine named @Mort so I can’t wait to see what Sun Country has in store for us. Anyways hope all are well and I wish everyone safe travels for 2024! Tootles!!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Again I apologize if anything may have offended you in here but I promise it’s all in a joking matter!

Have a good night/day!!



That was a read! Although the toilet has rather put me off having breakfast 😂

Great photos! (except the toilet - calling that great would be…)


Dope 🔥 now I gotta do a Spirit trip report soon 🤪


I have somes friends working for Spirit… Let’s show this to them LoL. Joke aside , nice tripreport


Try ryanair next time, might be slightly better maybe

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I’ll be at the airport waiting. Make sure to bring boots. We’re expecting a few inches of snow this weekend.

I think you shall quite enjoy your experience on North America’s best LCC (at least according to SkyTrax.


Just came back here when searching for tripreports to read.

don’t get offended

You know that smthg will be grong when reading this at the beginning lol .

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