Spiraling out of control

Hello, I just did a flight from LEBB, trying to get to LIRF.

I took off, I was a little short on fuel, but I should have reached my destination just fine. Then out of nowhere my airplane turns around heading towards the ground, spiraling.

Here is some facts you may need the know

  1. This happened on the A319
  2. Display name: IPP IFC Jens Severin
    Callsign: J-GIAE

Im uploading to share my infinite flight .com

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Make sure you didnt tap A/P button :)

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Well, my iPad stood untouched, I’m even using the Fly-by-Wire app, so no such thing should really happen

I don’t understand, so you reached your destination, but your plane dived? Were you airborne at the time, maybe you disconnected your A/P and you’re aircraft wasn’t calibrated, falling to the ground. Can you give us some more info? :)

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No, I never reached my destination

When did your plane spiral out of control? Is is during the cruise, Approach, Takeoff…

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Hmm, I think you disconnected A/P and you weren’t calibrated. If that’s not what happened, I have no idea…

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It happened during cruise

Both my brothers claimed they hadn’t touched it either

Well something must have happened before the Autopilot went down…

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Hello. Thanks for contacting support,

Please can you check here:

And then get back to me with the file link. I will then look at your replay and see what went wrong.

It would help to know

  1. what altitude
  2. what speed
  3. what is your airplane load %
  4. what are the winds


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Where you in the presence when this happened?

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https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/download?c=JXYSTUCJIX Here is the link

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Did you touch the rudder? It sometimes happen to me when I aggressively swipe the rudder left and right. Especially with a small aircraft like an A319. It causes you into a spin which can lead to a crash…

Yes I were where the iPad was, but looking on my phone

Did not touch the rudder

I was cruising at 34000 feet
Speed was m .79
I remember I had a 44 kts tailwind, aka, it was going the same way as me

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For some reason it says there are no apps compatible to open the replay file. How do I open it?

Just checked your replay. Looks like someone has touched your Autopilot. Hopefully I am correct because this should be the only reason when the weather is calm and “suddenly” this happens.

Make sure nobody has touched the Autopilot…

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Ok, I may know what caused this.


^ here you are going way over the 250knts speed limit when flying under 10,000ft. This would have lead to higher fuel burn then expected.

image Here, you are going way way way over the speed limit of 350knts. 200mph extra is not good. Your fuel burn is extremely high. You said you had little fuel for the journey and this speed would have made it impossible to reach your destination.

With no fuel however, your engines should have shut down. This was not the case. Someone must have touched your AP


Well since little fuel was used for the flight, and a higher fuel burn, it may also look like you must have ran out of fuel.

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