Spinny Thingys that NoahM Doesn’t Approve of

“I’m NoahM, and I approve this message.”
Nobody ever said that.

Disclaimer: @Airborne_Canuck doesn’t like my photos either.


A month or so ago, I was at one of @bbrockairbus’s events, a landing competition at Courchevel. And I was messing around with freecam when I found a really cool angle for a photo. So because of that moment, I went on a photoshoot later that day and got some cool photos of some spinny thingys. I recently learned that these spinny thingys are called a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000, whatever that is. And as for @NoahM, I asked him if he liked these photos. And he said that he doesn’t approve of them (I have provided proof below if you don’t believe me). I bet these photos are absolutely garbage since @NoahM said he doesn’t approve of them, but I’ll show them to you anyway.


The first spinny thingy of the day. You can see the mountains of Salt Lake City on the background. The 787 has some of the best modeling even though it’s really old compared to planes like the 777 and A350, and it’s shinier so you can get cool effects with editing that you can see throughout these photos.

Right here we got a S H I N Y engine with the tail of our United 787 behind it. I never showed this photo to @NoahM but I doubt he approves of this one.

@Tsumia said this type of edit should be ok, so I’m posting this. It was not my original intention to make the blur look like the exhaust from the spinny thingy, but it happened to turn out like that and I’m happy with it. Also, please let me know to confirm if an edit like this is still allowed or not, cause I don’t know.

My favorite photo of the topic, this photo is the one that inspired me to make this topic, cause this is the same angle I tested out at @bbrockairbus’s event — so thanks for that. Just gonna double check with @NoahM to see if he approves this one (doubt it).

Fancy quiz time!

How many hours did I spend staining the wood for a picnic table last weekend?
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours
  • I literally don’t care

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The answer to my last quiz was 1950, which only 17% of you got right. PM me with complaints if you have any.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know, do you you approve of this message and these photos? Or are you just gonna be @NoahM 2.0? Hope you liked my excessively long title, have a great day IFC!


Awesome photos!

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I approve, great photos! I like the angles!

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@NoahM get him


I love this editing, Awesome photos!

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I have an army called a “keyboard” at my disposal.

Thank you @Canadian_Aviator and @MJP_27!

And as for you @Airborne_Canuck, you already said mine were trash (compared to @Suhas). 🗿


I’m @bbrockairbus and I approve these photos




Mr. Canuck with the straight facts lies, how rude.

Nice ceiling fans though.


He’s not wrong 😜 jkjk

Fantastic pics as usual Butter Boi, you really do have a talent for making the weirdest features look like Gold! Love the clarity of the pics, so sharp! 😍 Bravo! 👏

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So you’re a politician now?

Just kidding.

Thanks lol.

Thank you so much @Captain_Cign!

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I am a S&V topic politician. 😂

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I personally like this spinny thing, but that spinny thing looked really good too. Now to mention those spinny things. Anyways, great shots of those spinny things!


Thank you! Indeed, those are some cool spinny thingys.

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Amazing photos!

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Thank you!

And I don’t think the 787 needs a rework right now. Just my opinion. 😜

I am shure 49% of people we’ll say I literally don’t care
But me no. I like this pictures


I do not approve of this message.


You heard it here folks, @NoahM has publicly announced he DOES NOT approve of these photos!



nice shots lol


Those are some really cool pictures and great Home Screen material.

Also how long did you spend staining the wood last weekend? (You can PM it to me if you’d prefer)

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